Working From Home This Black Friday

We’re anticipating that this Black Friday and Cyber Monday will be our biggest and busiest ever. Unlike every single previous year though, I’m working from home on Friday and Monday, as are my partners.

This is a really big step for us. It was just last Black Friday that I wrote:

If there’s one thing we don’t have down to a science, it’s staffing. It seems that every year we have less people than we expect, which puts extra pressure on those who are working. This year we were down a few people, some for legitimate reasons, some not. We’ll keep working at it.

This year hasn’t been super smooth, and there have been a lot of big stressful unplanned projects like migrating our server, but we’ve beefed up our emergency procedures and we have the best team of employees that we’ve ever had. Our seven-person warehouse staff is so good that they should be able to handle this year’s busy holiday sprint without needing any assistance.

2019 is setting up to be a fascinating year, in part because we’ve turned a corner when it comes to engineering ourselves out of our critical day-to-day operations. We’re nowhere near being completely removed (and I’m not even sure that’s the goal), but more and more we’re able to step back and let our employees run the show.