The Albany Business Review Named Us One of the Best Places to Work for 2018!

Myself, Mike, and Greg at the track this past summer

The Albany Business Review recently named us one of their 2018 Best Places to Work award for small companies. That announcement was back in October, and today they published a short interview with my business partner Greg (behind a paywall unfortunately). The tone was intended to be pretty light/goofy, here’s an excerpt:

Using one word, sum up your company’s culture. Busylaxed. A made up word that means staying busy but in a relaxed atmosphere.

What is your team’s superpower? Cranking out orders! Our team can crank out orders faster than a speeding bullet! More powerful than a FedEx truck! Able to leap tall packages in a single bound!

Unlike some of the previous awards we’ve received, this one wasn’t about revenue or growth. It was about our culture. Each of our employees completed an anonymous survey conducted by a third-party. Winning the award means that they have the same positive view of our culture that we do, which is great (and a little bit of a relief – you’re never quite sure how your employee perceive you).

From a practical standpoint, this will also help us with hiring. Hopefully it’s one of those things that catches the eye of potential employees and we get a few more applicants than we would have otherwise.