Cleaning House: iPrioritize Shutting Down & More

iPrioritize Logo

One of the things that tends to happen when you’ve been around 12+ years and experimented a lot with different business models and ventures, especially in the beginning, is that you end up with a ton of legacy “stuff.” One of my initiatives for 2019 is to really trim out anything non essential.

For instance, until last week we probably had a dozen sites running WordPress. Many of which haven’t been updated in years, but at one point showed some promise, and either still had decent traffic or made a few dollars occasionally. There was never any real motivation to close these sites down, until I/we had the realization that we were never going to work on these sites again, no one was interested in buying them (we had them listed for sale on our Pure Adapt site for a few years now), and that the effort to maintain them actually added up to more than you’d initially think. Then you also factor in that PHP 5.6 reached EOL on 12/31/18, meaning that there could possibly be even more effort involved in upgrading these sites to PHP 7.2. That was just one more signal that it was time.

We’re also at a point where we’re starting to think about what our next moves are going to be. With future ventures in sight, it makes sense to clear out all of the old to make room for the new. And honestly, it feels really good to do! SportsLizard and this blog will stay active, but everything else not named Detailed Image has been shut down or will be shut down shortly.

The one site that required a little extra work and a little more thought was iPrioritize, the to-do list app that I created in 2006 before we formed Pure Adapt. Despite not making any significant improvements for almost 10 years, it still had a small but loyal user base. People who rely on it to some extent to manage their work or personal life. When I logged in to play around with the functionality last week, I had forgotten how good it still worked.

Unfortunately, it would need significant work to continue to meet even my minimum standards for keeping it online, and that just wasn’t something I was willing to invest in right now. We’ll be holding on to the domain name because I do have an idea for a reboot, but it’s not something I’m itching to do at the moment, so who knows if or when it will happen. I do know that the domain, logo, and color scheme are still pretty attractive for a to-do app, so I intend on keeping them.

For a short time the premium version was attracting users at $10/mo and I thought I could make a business out of it. Some combination of forming Pure Adapt, working on Detailed Image, and SportsLizard seeing some success with the Price Guide bumped it to the back burner and it has stayed there for over a decade. In retrospect I wish that I had maintained the focus that I had put in during the first 6 months because it did have some traction, including getting some nice PR. My favorite was a short Lifehacker article by Gina Trapani, who is one of the few people in tech that I really admire. The ensuing burst in traffic and sign-ups was a rush of excitement that I’ll never forget!