Readwise Has Changed the Way I Read

Sometimes the simplest of services are the most brilliant. A few months ago I discovered Readwise, a daily newsletter with a sampling of your Kindle highlights. That’s it. And it’s a paid app. But it’s absolutely worth every penny.

Previously the only time I’d revisit my Kindle highlights was when I wanted to revisit a book. Rather than rereading a book a few years later, I might spend 10 minutes consuming my favorite passages by rereading my highlights. Otherwise, those highlights were more or less useless.

Each morning I get a little taste of my favorite passages from the hundreds of Kindle books I’ve read over the years. Readwise brings back some of my favorite books to me, and resurfaces some that I’ve totally forgotten about. I was skeptical when I first signed up for the free trial, but it quickly turned out to be one of the most enjoyable parts of my mornings, and I didn’t hesitate to pay to continue. It’s truly delightful.

A few years ago I wrote about Why I Buy Physical Copies of My Kindle Books. Now I find myself doing the opposite – buying Kindle books of books I originally read in physical form, so that I can highlight them, so that I’ll get to enjoy them more often in Readwise!

Posted on March 3rd, 2019 in Reading