We’re Expanding Our Warehouse Again!

In 2017 we knocked down a wall in our original 5,000 sq-ft warehouse and expanded to roughly 10,000 sq-ft. At the time, the thought of needing more space anytime soon was laughable. However, after two big spring/summer seasons, we began to consider the idea of expanding again. Then after talking with our industrial park and learning that there was some space available, we decided to jump on the opportunity.

Construction started earlier this week, and yesterday the wall came down separating the two spaces. It will still be another few weeks before the space is usable, but we should have it for the majority of our 2019 peak season. We’ll be adding roughly 6,500 sq-ft, and this time it will be solely dedicated to inventory space (whereas last time we built offices and expanded receiving/packing areas).

The decision actually ended up being a pretty easy one once we really thought it through:

  • Last year the lack of space definitely slowed the warehouse team down.
  • The lack of space would likely affect how we purchased inventory going forward.
  • Having inventory in stock, and having the ability to add to our product offerings, has been an important part of our growth.
  • This opportunity won’t always be available to us, and we definitely do not want to move.
  • The expense, while not small, is money well spent for the immediate benefits and long term piece of mind that it brings.

I intend to post some pictures of the space when I’m done. The new section is off of our back-right wall, so we’ll go from a rectangular shape to an L shape, if that makes sense. We have a pretty good idea of how to incorporate the new space into our existing layout without too much effort. These projects are always stressful and come with a lot of unknowns, but compared to the alternative of packing it in, doing this now is the right move and sets us up for years to come. Had we waited and space not been available, we would have just suffered through a few stressful years and then been potentially looking at a move.

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  1. Dale Ting says:

    Been following you for years and you’re still growing! Love hearing about it.

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