A Video Overview of Our Pick & Pack Process

My business partner Greg was recently interviewed by The Rag Company at our newly renovated warehouse about our pick and pack process. One of the main components covered is our packing slip route optimization that I wrote about in-depth recently.

I wasn’t in the office that day to meet them, but we were very grateful to have the opportunity to host The Rag Company. Their crew did an A+ job with this video and a few other ones. As you can read in the video comments on YouTube, we have a lot of crossover between our customers, so it was great to be able to give them a behind the scenes peek at our operation. Enjoy!

2 comments on A Video Overview of Our Pick & Pack Process

  1. Timothy W Coleman says:

    I’ve been meaning to reply for days, while this video is interesting the other video they did, at least to me, was even more interesting. I may have an unusual perspective as someone who saw your warehouse circa 2008, but fast forwarding 11 years, despite everything you’ve told me, I can only say “holy shit!” I know you’ve said it has grown, but I could not have fully wrapped my head around the growth had I not seen it. Numbers, adjectives, they all fall short. While I’m continually impressed with Pure Adapt and DI, the awe I am in right now is one I rarely experience. With that, I’ll end this with one of my favorite success story quotes, “congratulation on your ‘overnight’ success.”

    • Adam McFarland says:

      Thanks Tim!!! We slowly chipped away at that warehouse you saw in 2008. It’s barely recognizable now!

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