Liquid Web Case Study – the Importance of Finding the Right Vendor

Earlier this year I was interviewed by Liquid Web, our hosting company, about our experiences with them for a case study that was released this week.

We’ve been with Liquid Web since our big server disaster in 2008. We’ve stayed with them from that initial dedicated server, to another dedicated server, and most recently last year’s move to a server cluster. We also have used their cloud servers for LockerPulse and for our other miscellaneous sites like this blog.

There are a ton of options when it comes to hosting. Could we save money by using a cheaper host, or by rolling our own setup with AWS? Probably. But neither of those situations is the best business decision for us. Liquid Web is really good at what they do, the servers are “managed” so there’s a lot that we don’t need to worry about (cPanel updates, software patches, DDoS protection), and their support is fantastic. 24×7, whenever you need them. If we go down, they get alerted as well and are working on getting things back up and running immediately. It’s a huge stress relief for me knowing that I’m not left on my own to figure out what’s wrong.

With our latest upgrade, we now have enterprise support, which is even better. The few times they’ve messed up over the years, a manager has always reached out to apologize and ensured that the situation was resolved. The peace of mind is well worth the price, and honestly their prices are pretty good considering what you get.

If there has been a downside, it’s been that our sales rep has changed constantly, multiple times per year. And we probably had the worst of the bunch during our big migration last year. However, this is pretty common when working with a larger company and I’m not sure that it would be better elsewhere (or if it was, there would be another trade-off like worse technical support, which is much much more important than your sales rep).

Looking back to 2008, we were definitely stressed when we knew we needed to migrate quickly, but I remember doing a lot of research and talking with people in the industry before deciding upon Liquid Web. I’m so glad that we did our due diligence. That single decision under duress 10+ years ago is one of the better ones we’ve made.