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The End of SportsLizard

During my senior year of college, I became obsessed with starting my own business. After a few failed business plan contest entrants, I turned my focus to the web. Having done an internship that spanned a summer and a semester, I needed an extra semester of classes to graduate in December, and thus had an extra summer as a college student before my final semester. I decided to teach myself how to program, having taken all of one college class on the topic. During the… Continue reading


Site Updates – HTTPS, Matomo Analytics, & More

I finally got around to making a few site improvements that I’ve been planning for a while: HTTPS Only The biggest improvement is upgrading the blog to HTTPS. I wrote about this in detail in The Great Detailed Image HTTPS Migration so I won’t go into “why and how” too much here other than to say it’s a basic necessity on today’s web. A step zero for any new project for sure. It went super smooth – I used cPanel’s built-in AutoSSL feature and followed… Continue reading