Do Something Fun!

Like many families, we’re adapting to life with everyone home every day. My wife and I are both working from home while also caring for our 3 year old whose daycare is closed. It is a challenge for sure. There’s plenty of stress and plenty of questions about how we’re going to find enough time to work and how long this will go on for, and I’m trying to ensure our business and employees come out of this in a good position too.

Everyone is under incredible stress right now in some form, which makes it all that more important to take some time to read that book you’ve been meaning to read, or play that video game that you haven’t had time for. Take a break from the doom and gloom. Have some fun!

We’re planning afternoon family hikes when it’s nice out, making popcorn and watching a movie when it’s not. I’ve been meaning to step up my charcoal grilling skills, so I bought a book and as the weather gets nicer we plan on experimenting. Small things, but also things that I’m really looking forward to.