Our Weekly Coronavirus Report

One thing was clear pretty early on during this Coronavirus crisis: our business, and every other business, was going to look different throughout the crisis and be different after it’s over.

The challenge for us was to come up with a way to regularly review the data that would give us clues as to how things were changing. We wanted to be able to react as quickly as possible. Our current automated reports were good for normal times as a business that has had slow-and-steady growth for over a decade. But this called for something different.

We ended up deciding on a weekly report that I’d create each Monday morning for the previous week (Monday – Sunday) comparing various metrics year-over-year to 2019 and 2018. Week 1 started Monday 3/16, when many of the national and state restrictions went into place.

The report covers two types of data primarily – leading information that might give us a clue about what’s happening or going to happen, and then actual sales data.

For leading information we look at things like:

  • Google Search Console data – overall impressions/clicks, and keyword data
  • Google Analytics data – organic search traffic, overall traffic, add to cart events, and other e-commerce stats

And then for our sales data we’re looking at:

  • Sales by state
  • Sales by account type (wholesale vs non-wholesale)
  • Average order value, brands/categories/items ordered, and more

We then hop on a conference call Monday afternoon to review and discuss plans for the week. This also allows us to see how our Monday warehouse day is going (our busiest day) and typically Governor Cuomo has had his Monday press conference updating us on the latest information. It’s the time of the week where we have the most information to then make actionable decisions for the remainder of the week.