November 2020 Archives

Why I’ve Changed My Mind About CSS Frameworks (but Not Javascript)

Last year, when I was brushing up on some of my web development skills, I wrote: But, a lot has changed with both CSS and Javascript that I missed out on. CSS flexbox and grid are now vastly improved layout techniques. New versions of Javascript starting with ES6 were huge leaps forward. And most importantly, browser support isn’t such a big challenge anymore. Consolidation in the browser market along with auto-updating browsers and more advanced mobile browsers have led to more or less every browser… Continue reading


Turning a Corner

About 10 days ago seemed to be a low-point in the development and launch of Notify My Team. I was stuck in subscription testing hell, essentially working through the various lifecycles of a subscription using a bunch of fake companies and our test Stripe credentials. If you want to get a feel for what I’m talking about, check out Stripe’s subscription lifecycle page. Subscriptions are endlessly complex compared to collecting a single payment for an e-commerce store. I had 20 test companies at various stages… Continue reading


The Point of No Return

At some point every project becomes a business. For us, LockerPulse in 2010 was the last time this happened. In the interim we’ve sold LockerPulse, shut down SportsLizard, and Detailed Image has grown a ton. We’ve came close a few times – once with a physical product in the detailing industry, and once with a software project I was working on – but for various reasons those didn’t pan out. So here I am, piecing together all of the components that you need to start… Continue reading