Finishing Touches

I was recently listening to a Rework Podcast episode about the launching of the email service for business customers, called HEY For Work, which launched several months after the individual service. CEO Jason Fried said something that I immediately related to (bolding is mine):

Part of it, too, is that HEY for Work was essentially done for a while. But there’s a difference between done for you and done for others. And this is the same thing that was true for Basecamp when we first built Basecamp. We built a version for ourselves, initially. And then we eventually decided to turn it into a product. And then you have to polish a bunch of things. Things like sign up. We don’t have to sign up because we just sort of create our own account behind the scenes, essentially. But others have to sign up and they have to understand what signup means. They have to understand how to do a bunch of things that we did, manually, ourselves.

So, there’s a lot of finishing work. It’s like finished carpentry in a house. It’s like, the last few months, it seems like nothing really happens. But all the little details happen.

This product, HEY for Work, has been working for months and months and months. We’ve been using it as David said, but it’s not ready for the public because there’s a bunch of little finishing things that we could put up with not having but the public wouldn’t be able to sign up or use it or understand some of the details without us finishing the stuff. So that’s where most of the work’s been in the last few months

As I mentioned in my last post, we’re now using Notify My Team internally. It’s working great. There’s a peace of mind about communicating snow days and other important messages to our employees that we didn’t previously have.

The application itself has barely been touched the last few months. I’ve spent time writing our site copy and fine tuning the marketing site. When that was done, it was terms of service, privacy policy, about page, FAQs. And now I’m working on our analytics integration, followed by some testing.

It feels like nothing is really happening. But the details are coming together, and we’re getting close.

If you’re interested in being an early tester (I’ll give you a free account!), or if you have any other feedback or questions, get in touch on Twitter, LinkedIn, or by emailing me at adam@ this domain.