Notify My Team is Live!

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Today we finally launched Notify My Team!

I say “finally” because after my last post about the finishing touches we were only a few weeks away from being ready. Just as I was about to pull the trigger at the end of January, our daycare shut down because of a COVID scare and I was back doing childcare for 50% of my work day. I caught up last week with everything else that had piled up in the interim, so this morning I was able to comfortably pull the trigger.

It’s an all-around odd feeling. Both launching something new – which we haven’t done in like a decade – and launching something that you’ve been sitting on for over a month. Especially with us going live internally in November. Only in a pandemic!

I’ve got that nervous excitement that I think I’ve only felt when doing a product launch. A mixture of excitement, relief, stress, anxiety, and almost every other emotion. It’s both a big accomplishment, and nothing at all at the same time. It’s real in that it’s software we’re using, but also not real because it hasn’t proven itself as a business.

For a 1.0 version, I’m pretty happy with what was launched (in less than a year, during a pandemic, while running the rest of the company), while also realizing that there’s a ton of work still left to be done.

We’re dialing the marketing up aggressively over the coming weeks in hopes of getting an idea of what we have here.

If you or someone you know has a business, organization, or group that might be interested in using Notify My Team, please reach out to me by emailing adam@ this domain. We’re still looking for a few more companies to give free accounts out to. The only small thing that I’ll ask in return is to give me your honest feedback to help us improve.