Apple Pay and Google Pay Now Live – Step 2 of Our Braintree Integration

Detailed Image - Apple Pay & Google Pay

When we migrated to Braintree for payments on Detailed Image, one of the big perks was the ability to easily add payment options beyond credit cards and PayPal, the two options that we’ve had since our inception.

At launch we added Venmo, which is owned by PayPal and integrated quite easily. Apple Pay and Google Pay presented some unique challenges. In both cases we needed approval from the company before proceeding – Google needed to authorize our integration and provide us with a merchant ID, and Apple needed to approve our developer account for testing. In addition, neither payment option loads in a local environment, so the primary testing needed to be done on our staging site. And testing, especially with Apple Pay, is difficult because of the limited situations in which it can be used. So, rather than risk delaying or overcomplicating our initial launch, I decided to tackle this one separately once the rest of the integration was running smooth.

We launched about a week and a half ago. Almost immediately we started seeing both options being used. Not as much as PayPal or credit cards, but more than Venmo, which was what I had guessed would happen.

My hypothesis is that these new options, Apple Pay in particular, will help with conversion rates for first time customers on mobile. I think that the convenience factor of being able to use Touch ID or Face ID to pay without having to get up and grab your credit card, along with the comfort with using a payment method that you have confidence in on a new site, will make a noticeable difference. Only time will tell though.

We announced this to our customers on social media and received some wonderful comments like this one from a customer named Angelo:

Awesome! More companies need to do this! Detailed Image is becoming one of my favorite detail product supply companies. Great selection, frequent sales and great prices.

It’s been a ton of work, but there’s no doubt that this was a beneficial project for us. I am excited in the coming months to start working on some other things though!