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Let’s Rethink Phones

When Google released the Pixel 5a a few weeks ago, I jumped at the opportunity to order one to replace my nearly four-year-old Pixel 2 XL. But I did so begrudgingly, which is why I purchased a sub-$500 phone in the “a” series instead of waiting a few months for the Pixel 6. My Pixel 2 XL was perfectly fine – I deemed it “peak smartphone” at the time – except for two big things: Google stopped providing software updates, and the battery life was… Continue reading


Why We’ve Been an Office/Home Hybrid From the Beginning, and Why It Works for Us

When we formed our company, we were a remote company by need: orders were shipped from Greg’s basement, we all did the majority of work from home, and we met in person a few times each week to meet or collaborate. When we moved into our warehouse in 2008, we decided on a rotating schedule that still allowed each of us to work some from home. I think this was the key moment in time that set us up to have a flexible work environment… Continue reading