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The Great Detailed Image HTTPS Migration

In mid-January we finished migrating all of Detailed Image to HTTPS. We’ve now got the shiny “Secure” badge in Chrome on every single one of our pages: This project should have been simple, but it sure wasn’t, in large part due to the fractured nature of various organizations on the web and within Google. While the technical implementation is relatively straightforward, the business decision to do so can be downright scary. A Little Background When we launched our shopping cart in 2007 (and did major… Continue reading


Building The Detailed Image Brand

“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is, I don’t know which half.” – 1800’s American merchant John Wanamaker When you’re just starting out with an e-commerce business (or any business really), your marketing focus by necessity is primarily direct response ads like AdWords search where you need to see an immediate ROI or you can’t afford to do it. You need to spend $x and see a direct return of $x + something. That’s how we approached marketing in the… Continue reading


10 Years of Detailed Image

This week we’re running a 10 Year Anniversary sale for Detailed Image. As a part of the sale we’re selling all Detailed Image t-shirts for $5, including our new vintage shirt: Greg did a great write-up over on the Detailed Image blog summing up our thoughts on DI’s first decade: 10 years….it seems hard to believe at times. began as a business run out of a basement with borrowed furniture and lots of hard work while some of us were still in college. We… Continue reading


Detailed Image Now the US Master Distributor of 22ple Products

I was traveling last week so I didn’t get a chance to write a post about a pretty big announcement. Last Tuesday, September 2nd, we announced that we’re now the Master Distributor of 22ple Products in the US. 22ple also made an announcement on their Facebook page. 22ple is based out of Singapore. They make high end coatings that provide more protection and last much longer than the typical wax or sealant (up to 24 months). When this opportunity arose we put in a lot… Continue reading


Breaking Down The New Detailed Image

Over on The Detailed Image Blog I wrote a post outlining the features of the new I copied that post below, and then added in some additional thoughts about each feature in italics. — Yesterday we were extremely excited to unveil our new website. Our goal is to provide you with the simplest, fastest, and most secure shopping experience in the industry. Let’s take a look at what’s new: The Design We’ve kept the important functionality where it’s familiar – navigation on the… Continue reading


The New Detailed Image is Here!

This morning we launched our new Detailed Image site. The largest improvement is the responsive design: take a look on your computer, tablet, and phone. We’re still working out a few minor kinks. The homepage just has a placeholder Ship & Save graphic that will be replaced with a nice big sale in the coming days! More to come soon…


A Better Search Experience on Detailed Image

I’ve been chipping away at the next round of improvements to our shopping cart. The past week was one of those really good weeks where I deployed a ton of code. jQuery A precursor to moving forward was to (finally) switch our javascript library from using the outdated to the more lightweight and more powerful jQuery. This required quite a bit of code to be rewritten, most of it critical to the shopping experience, but it has paid immediate dividends: the site is significantly… Continue reading


A Big Deal For Detailed Image

Today we’re really excited to be the featured partner for the launch of Car and Driver Magazine’s Dashboard Deals as well as Road and Track Magazine’s First Look Rewards, their new Groupon-like daily deal programs. I’m traveling this week. More to come on this when I return.


Another Record-Breaking Cyber Monday for Detailed Image

Today we completed another killer end to November. Much like in previous years (2009, 2008), we really nailed the prime Holiday shopping period that now stretches from the Wednesday before Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday. We surpassed last year’s revenue for that stretch and we had our largest single day in company history yesterday on Cyber Monday. This month also broke our company record for revenue in a month, and early this month we set our company record for revenue in a year. All of that… Continue reading


The Story Behind the Detailed Image Mobile Site

Yesterday we launched a dedicated mobile site for Detailed Image. Above are a few screenshots. Overall I’m extremely pleased with how it came out. The functionality is nearly 100% of the full site. That said, the story of how this mobile site came about over the past two weeks is much more interesting than the functionality of the site so that’s going to be the focus of this post. Why a Mobile Site? I think the main answer to this is obvious – more and… Continue reading


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Find Auto Info launches

Today we launched Find Auto Info, an automotive directory we created to supplement Detailed Image. This site has been in development for quite some time, and you are only seeing a small portion of what was developed.The coolest thing we have going for us is that Find Auto Info is now the largest... Continue reading

Detailed Image Kicking Ass

Although I've primarily been focusing on SportsLizard on the blog lately, it's worth noting that my Pure Adapt partners have been kicking ass and Detailed Image is exploding in sales - to the point where Mike is now spending the majority of his time working with George and Greg, and the revenue can... Continue reading

Michael Vick and corporate image vs. performance

The other day when Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick had his water bottle confiscated by Miami airport security because it smelled like marijuana, Falcons owner Arthur Blank and General Manager Rich McKay wasted no time coming down on Vick publicly:We are an organization that prides itself on... Continue reading

Keeping sites on second thought

A few posts back it appeared we were leaning toward selling off our secondary sites (iPrioritize included) to focus on our core – Detailed Image and SEO work. Well, upon second thought I've changed my mind and I'm all for us keeping our sites and growing them (slowly) concurrently while focusing... Continue reading

What makes money vs. what I want to do

Ever since my invention back in college, I've loved to create and innovate. My partners and I love to joke about being able to innovate any business - give us a pizza store or a cattle ranch and we'll find new and creative ways to improve the existing business processes.That said, there are... Continue reading

Wohoo, we're profitable!

It feels like it's been six months, but Pure Adapt only officially acquired Detailed Image on February 1. So when the four of us sat down Monday morning to review our numbers for the first month, I wasn't sure what to expect. I knew that Detailed Image improved 33% in sales since last February,... Continue reading

Pure Adapt - the big picture

I tend to get caught up in talking about SportsLizard and the price guide, and really don't mention the overall shape of our business enough. We're at one of those points where you hurdle to the next level. We've only been incorporated for less than 4 months, but sites like SL and Detailed Image... Continue reading

The goal of our business

I believe that in life and in business you should be in a state of constant improvement. The second that you're content is the second that you've let your guard down and you've already begun to slip. So what's the goal of Pure Adapt? What are we working towards?If you were to take a snapshot of... Continue reading

Traffic is less important than you think

Every morning in my inbox I get a handful of quasi-spam (you know, spam messages from "partners" of a list you actually want to be on) telling me that they can get me "more traffic within 48 hours" or "#1 search engine rankings in 24 hours guaranteed". It's all bullshit, but on top of that it plays... Continue reading