Do Facebook Page Likes = Customers? A Quick Estimate Using Audiences

On my never ending quest to understand our customers and our marketing efforts better, one connection has always eluded me: the link between our customers and those who Like us on Facebook. I want to know how many of those fans/followers have purchased from us, and do those people spend more than a typical customer? By understanding the lifetime value of these customers, we could effectively put a value on a single Facebook Like, and from there better determine the value of putting time and… Continue reading


A Big Deal For Detailed Image

Today we’re really excited to be the featured partner for the launch of Car and Driver Magazine’s Dashboard Deals as well as Road and Track Magazine’s First Look Rewards, their new Groupon-like daily deal programs. I’m traveling this week. More to come on this when I return.


LockerPulse Ads Up & Running, Version

OK so we really don’t version our projects like that. The point is that this is a really early stage project. From the very beginning, prior to even deciding whether or not to have a paid version, we recognized that there was a lot of opportunity in targeting ads to sports fans. SportsLizard does this in a very basic way. On our Price Guide we target eBay ads based upon what card/collectible the user is valuing. Search for a Michael Jordan card, and we’ll show… Continue reading


Dynamic Banner Ads With PHP and Javascript

Last month we struck a deal for Detailed Image to sponsor, definitively the largest online community of auto detailers.  Clearly our target market for DI – a community that can exponentially increase our foothold in the detailing community.  The potential is very large. Part of the sponsorship agreement included a 120 x 600 banner ad thrown into the rotation on the homepage.   George came up with the idea of having the banner show our automated Daily Special.  Autopia (like most sites) will pull… Continue reading


Does This Happen to Anyone Else?

This is driving me nuts.  So I’m on browsing stories on Digg, which I am now officially obsessed with and fascinated by from a user perspective, a community perspective, and a business perspective.  I click on a story in Firefox (3.0, but also happened previously in versions 2.xx) and about 1/10th of the time a page that should have a banner ad that looks like this: Has a banner ad that looks like this: With the javascript actually typed out: Am I the only one… Continue reading


Thank You Very Much Microsoft

A few weeks back I read about Microsoft’s new Cashback program where users actually get “cash back” (catchy huh) if they make purchases on items of participating partners found through Live searches. Intrigued, I looked a bit more into it and realized that advertising partners get charged on a CPA basis, not a CPC basis. Paying by “action” is the holy grail for all advertisers. If I can only pay when someone makes a purchase I take all of the guesswork out of click… Continue reading


Starting on Tastefully Driven Pre-Marketing

OK, so it’s happening about 2 weeks later than I had hoped, but I’m finally at the point where I can spend an hour or two a day on some pre-launch hype for Tastefully Driven – the goal obviously being to collect as many email addresses as possible on our splash page.  I don’t have a set goal (yet), but having a list of 10,000 to start with can jumpstart a site a lot quicker than a list of  100 so it behooves us to… Continue reading


Download My Marketing eBook for FREE

We’ve made the decision to make my Faceup Web Marketing eBook available for free download.  After filling out the form on the eBook page you’ll be emailed a link to download the book directly. I updated the book last week, and it now includes updated information on keyword research tools, link building, Google AdWords, and more…in addition to all of the topics outlined on the eBook page. I’m hoping this: Helps spread what I’ve learned in SEO/web marketing in the past few years to all… Continue reading


Bartering Advertising to Your Advantage

I think in previous posts I’ve proven my point that advertising should never be the sole source of revenue for an online business.  In addition to all of the reasons I mentioned previously, there’s another one that’s often overlooked:  bartering advertising.  If your only source of income is ad revenue, you guard each impression as if your life depends on it…you won’t dare trade it because you need to get top dollar for it. However, if you’ve got another source of revenue (or two or… Continue reading


My Problem Online Advertising – Part 2

I got quite a response from my previous post about my issues with online advertising. I was actually quite surprised at people rushing to the defense of using advertising as a primary revenue source. Personally, I think it goes to show just how much “brainwashing” web entrepreneurs of the web2.0/Google AdSense generation have been subjected to. I will never ever say that advertising is a bad way to monetize a site, but I will also never ever say that it’s a good business model to… Continue reading