The End Of Paying Your Dues?

Although I didn’t realize it at the time, when I left college in 2004 we were right in the middle of a shift in how a “career” was defined. There was still this prevailing wisdom that you would find an entry level job at a good company, slowly work your way up over the course of decades from junior level to senior level to management. It would take a long time, but in return you got the stability of a steady paycheck, health care, and… Continue reading


What do you DO?

Ah, my favorite question. Nev wrote a great post about it the other day.  Saying “I’m a lawyer” or “I’m a teacher” is a whole lot easier than saying “I run a web development company with three other twenty-somethings and we own a lot of websites with the majority of our revenue coming from our e-commerce websites which we run from a warehouse in Guilderland, NY”. IF I ever actually said that, I’d get a really perplexed look followed by about fifty questions.  In general,… Continue reading


Lease Negotiations Suck

In moving back and forth for several internships during college and then my job after college, I’ve lived in quite a few different places from anywhere from three months to a year. In doing so, I’ve looked at a lot of apartments and become accustomed to the relatively pain-free process of leasing an apartment. I always figured leasing business space would be the same. I was wrong. Following our debacle a few months ago, we were pretty certain we found a great place for us… Continue reading


Does Our Generation Have an Undeserved Sense of Entitlement?

Preface:   My mission with the blog is to try to get more young people to consider entrepreneurship as a career choice, because I know it is possible and my partners and I are living proof of it.  I definitely definitely am not advocating that a sense of entitlement is a good thing for anyone of any age.  From all of the nasty emails I’ve received related to this post I completely realize I did a horrible job of getting that point across.   At the… Continue reading