Amazon Essay

Amazon Let’s Us Pay Them to Grow

In my continuing efforts to prepare for the holidays, I’ve spent the last few weeks reviewing and improving our product listings in our Amazon Seller Central account.  We sell on Amazon under the Tastefully Driven name. We list almost everything that’s up on the TD website, but the majority of what we actually sell is either fitness equipment or detailing supplies. I automated a few of the mundane tasks, added new products (which involved building a bridge to easily migrate products from DI to TD… Continue reading


How Amazon Exploits the “Mid-Tail”

Last October I wrote a post about how Amazon uses data from sellers like us to gain a competitive advantage. You can pretty much sum up the entire post with this promo image of Amazon’s that I “amended” to reflect our experiences: We’ve since stopped selling on Amazon, but I’ve continued to receive emails about the post. Once such email was from a graduate student, Baojun Jiang of Carnegie Mellon, who was writing a thesis on the topic of topic. I think it’s absolutely awesome… Continue reading