A List of Email Client User Agents (Plus Our Most Popular Client)

A few years ago when we built our custom newsletter system for Detailed Image I wrote about all of the extensive features it included. One feature we overlooked though was user agent tracking for opens, which can be used to determine which client the subscriber is using to open and read the email. Lacking this information became a problem when we went responsive with all of our newsletters last year and had to determine how to prioritize our client testing. We wanted it to be… Continue reading


Responsive Mobile UI Split-Test: Icons or Text?

In the past when Mike and I would set out to redesign Detailed Image we would make our design, user interface, and user experience decisions based upon a combination of our internal historical data and the industry “best practices” at the time. This strategy had served us well. We’d research what we considered to be the best-in-class e-commerce experiences and study what they did best. We’d read up on all of the latest studies and experiments published on GetElastic, Smashing Magazine, ConversionXL, and other great… Continue reading


Browser & Usability Testing…Without Going Insane

One of the most challenging aspects of web development is browser testing. There are literally infinite combinations of devices, browsers, operating systems, and settings (font-sizes, cookies, javascript), especially when you’re doing a responsive design like we did with LockerPulse last year and more recently with Detailed Image last month. Here’s the process we’ve adapted. It doesn’t cover every situation, but I think it does a good job of covering the most important situations without taking a ton of time and effort. In a sense it’s… Continue reading