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Comments Disabled & Rethinking WordPress

This morning I received the email notification that WordPress had auto-upgraded. Lately, each upgrade has caused issues. This time my AMP pages were throwing 500 errors. In the process of debugging, I deactivated all of my plugins. Upon reactivation Akismet no longer works (you need to upgrade to a paid plan) and some of my other plugins appeared to have lost their settings. This was the last straw for me with WordPress. It’s wonderful software, and I’m committed to continuing using it as a publishing… Continue reading


Improved Site Search

After completing my site improvements recently, there was one thing that I realized I still wanted to fix. If you searched the site – currently only available on the Archives page – you’d be brought to a Google site search. The reason for this is that in addition to the 816 WordPress posts that I’ve published, I have an additional 296 that were published via Blogger and were migrated from over to this site in 2007. It seemed as though the easiest way to… Continue reading


Site Updates – HTTPS, Matomo Analytics, & More

I finally got around to making a few site improvements that I’ve been planning for a while: HTTPS Only The biggest improvement is upgrading the blog to HTTPS. I wrote about this in detail in The Great Detailed Image HTTPS Migration so I won’t go into “why and how” too much here other than to say it’s a basic necessity on today’s web. A step zero for any new project for sure. It went super smooth – I used cPanel’s built-in AutoSSL feature and followed… Continue reading


Post #1,008

The other day I thought to myself “I wonder if I’m close to 1,000 blog posts?” I checked and realized that I had blew past 1,000 without even realizing it! This post is officially number 1,008. My first post was 11 years ago on November 20, 2005. The first 296 posts were on the old Blogger theme and hosted on SportsLizard, before moving over to and then It is literally impossible to read through the posts, which is why I created the Best-Of… Continue reading


10+ Years of Blogging, 10+ Years Since Leaving My Job, & New Posting Schedule

A couple of noteworthy personal milestones came and went over the past few months. In November, it was 10 years since my first post back in 2005. In January, I officially made it 10 years since leaving my job in January of 2006. I summed my feelings in my 2011 post at the five year mark: This business, as it stands, wasn’t exactly what I envisioned when I left – in a lot of ways I didn’t know what to expect – but it’s been… Continue reading


Welcome to Adam McFarland .com

I’m happy to finally be on! The design has been “refreshed” to be responsive and strip out all of the unnecessary distractions. I intentionally wanted the focus to be on the content. That’s what a blog is about. I was partially inspired by this website (NSFW). It’s hilarious but kind of true. I started from the ground up with my own design. I then copied over the minimalist theme I created for our Ask-a-Pro Detailer Blog and stripped out whatever else wasn’t needed. The… Continue reading


Finally Moving to the .COM!

Back in August 2012 went up for auction. I’ve always wanted the .COM for my site for obvious reasons, so I was ready to spend some money to snag it. I suppose all of the other Adam McFarland’s weren’t interested because I grabbed it for a cool $40. Since then I’ve been procrastinating. Moving this blog, including the 2005 – 2007 blogger archives, is a bit of a project (and not really a fun one at that). Other things were always a priority these… Continue reading


Experimenting With Random Posts on My Homepage

One of the things that I’ve struggled with on my blog is that by nature the latest content is by far the most prominent. Sure I have my essays and the “most popular” on the sidebar, and there’s always categories, archives, and search, but those all tend to favor the same 10 most commented posts, or the most recent, or they require you to know what you’re looking for. There’s no easy way to expose people to some of the good posts with good discussion… Continue reading


New Blog Design

About six months ago I decided it was time to start working on a new design. I had, what I thought, was a crazy cool idea. Of course, I never got around to it because, well, my blog design isn’t really that important in the grand scheme of things. This weekend I decided to sit down and take the little that I had done over that six months and put together a new theme. I didn’t much stick to the original idea because I realized… Continue reading


The People that Ruin Blogging for Me

A few weeks back Nev wrote a post asking for feedback from his readers about his blog and himself in general.  In the comments someone mentioned that they wished he would post more about his e-commerce site, House of Rave. He responded: I sincerely wish I could post more about House Of Rave since I love writing about it. I’ve refrained quite a lot to reveal less to competitors and avoid copycats. There is a DIRECT correlation between how much I write about my business… Continue reading