Book Reviews

Five Books I’m Reading During This Pandemic

As soon as the magnitude of this crisis became clear, my reading interests seemed to change. There were books that I had read (or started to read in one case), that I thought could help shed some light on what we’re going through. Because as much as we think of this time as unique, crisis and pandemic have been a constant throughout history. I also think that there’s a healthy limit to how much news one can consume before it becomes detrimental. Rather than refreshing… Continue reading


Bad Blood & Business Books I Can’t Put Down

I recently finished reading Bad Blood: Secrets and Lies in a Silicon Valley Startup by John Carreyrou. It’s the now infamous story of the rise and fall of blood testing company Theranos and CEO Elizabeth Holmes. Carreyrou was the original reporter who broke the whole thing wide open a few years ago. Once I started, I couldn’t stop reading. I typically read just before bed, and I had to give myself time cutoffs so I wouldn’t stay up all night. The story is so compelling… Continue reading


Why We Do REMOTE Work

I recently finished reading REMOTE: Office Not Required by Basecamp (formerly 37signals) founders Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson. The book covers why and how companies should adopt remote work. In typical 37signals fashion the book is simple, elegant, and jam-packed with practical and useful information. Why exactly do we REMOTE? The timing of this read was good for me. We recently started a new schedule where my partners and I spend even less time at the warehouse, both to empower our employees and free… Continue reading


Five Lasting Impressions of “The 4-Hour Workweek” as it’s Five-Year Anniversary Approaches

A quick Google search will reveal that Tim Ferriss is quite the controversial character.  He’s generally either loved or hated.  I personally am in the minority in that I’m square in the middle.  Tim has lots of interesting ideas, thoughts, experiments, and experiences.  A lot of his ideas are also ridiculously embellished or downright implausible, and he is an endless self promoter. For this post though, we’re going to focus on the positive.  It’s crazy to think, but it’s been almost five years since The… Continue reading


News Flash: Sleep is Important

I recently received an advanced copy of the book The Way We’re Working Isn’t Working by Tony Schwartz, which came out earlier this week. As I’ve mentioned before, I don’t accept many of these books any more because most of them don’t interest me. What sold me on the book, which was fantastic, was the first few sentences on Amazon (plus endorsements from Seth Godin and Tony Hseih don’t hurt either): Schwartz, CEO of the Energy Project, stretches an obvious thesis to the breaking point… Continue reading


I Just Devoured Rework

Last week 37signals released Rework, their awesome new business book. I’ve long been a fan of theirs – I subscribe to their blog, follow David and Jason on Twitter, watch videos of their presentations at conferences, subscribe to their podcast, and have read their self-published web app book Getting Real many times over. I don’t always agree with the way they do things – just last week I wrote about how our development process differs from theirs – but I really just love their authenticity…. Continue reading


Boosting and Chunking

A few months ago I received a request to review a new book.  For the most part, I’ve stopped accepting books to review, but this one was different.  Not only did the author himself email me (as opposed to the typical PR firm), but the topic was actually pretty interesting and something that I haven’t seen covered previously:  assuming you work 8 hours and sleep another 8, the premise of the book is that a large part of your success and happiness come from (or… Continue reading


What Matters Now (or the best free eBook ever)

I’ve had a cold the past few days. I’ve only been able to mentally handle a few hours of work per day. I’ve been spending a lot of time sleeping, reading and watching TV (and by TV I mean a little Hulu, some DVDs, and Sports Center). Lucky for me I’ve been enamored with a new book. More precisely, a free eBook entitled What Matters Now. The book was organized by marketing extraordinaire Seth Godin and can be downloaded on his blog.  The book is… Continue reading


How to Judge Anything You Read

I love to read. Almost every day I read blogs, magazines, and books. Much like Mark Cuban, who claims to read 3 hours per day, I make it a huge priority even on the busiest of days to find some time to read: Most people won’t put in the time to get a knowledge advantage. Sure, there were folks that worked hard at picking up every bit of information that they could, but we were few and far between. To this day, I feel like… Continue reading


Book Review: e-Riches 2.0

A while back I reviewed Internet Riches, Scott Fox’s first book.  e-Riches 2.0: Next Generation Marketing Strategies for Making Millions Online is his most recent.  With a strong focus on modern web 2.0 marketing tactics, this book has a much broader appeal than just first-time web entrepreneurs (although Scott has a great way of explaining things so that even the least web-savvy can still understand).  Just a sampling of the topics: Email marketing RSS marketing Social media/social network marketing Blogging as a marketing tool Twitter… Continue reading