Business Ethics

The People that Ruin Blogging for Me

A few weeks back Nev wrote a post asking for feedback from his readers about his blog and himself in general.  In the comments someone mentioned that they wished he would post more about his e-commerce site, House of Rave. He responded: I sincerely wish I could post more about House Of Rave since I love writing about it. I’ve refrained quite a lot to reveal less to competitors and avoid copycats. There is a DIRECT correlation between how much I write about my business… Continue reading


Fighting for a Double Bottom-Line

Every entrepreneur gets their passion from somewhere different.  For some, the thought of wealth and independence is what fuels them, and that’s fine.  But the most successful entrepreneurs I’ve encountered truly believe that their endeavours are going to change the world and help improve people’s lives. For-profit businesses force innovation and that that’s a good thing.  The majority of technological innovation comes from the for-profit world, and without it we’d be in trouble as a society.  Diseases have been cured, transportation problems have been solved,… Continue reading


Standing Up For Your Partners

As is the case with any service company, we have to wait on files and information from our clients regularly before we can complete their project. This morning, in two such cases, both clients of ours blamed their partner for the delays. Something along the lines of “they didn’t get me the file”, “they screwed up and gave you the wrong information”, or “that decision they made makes no sense”. One even bashed their partner three times in a four sentence email! It might not… Continue reading