What About Competitors?

Whenever I give a talk to college students, I always get asked about our competitors.  How do we follow what they do?  How do we react to what they do?  What do we do to protect ourselves from them? The answer is pretty simple: we don’t. I’m of the opinion that business do not fail because of anything that their competition does or doesn’t do.  They fail because of what they do or don’t do.  The second you start focusing on your competition is the… Continue reading


Decision Making and the Competition

One more thought on us shutting down Tastefully Driven. I find it interesting to ponder how little we factor our competition into making decisions like this. Clearly shutting down our Amazon store will help our detailing competitors. They will sell more products and probably will sell more at a higher margin since there’s one less competitor in the fold (many times it was just us and one other company bidding each other down on a product). But we never mentioned that in the decision making… Continue reading


Our Exhaustive Shipping Project – What We Learned and What New Features We Added

Today we launched some really cool new shipping features on Detailed Image.  They were a cumulation of about a month long shipping project that we took on.  It was really the one big thing that we wanted to make sure that we got done before the holidays.  Shipping options are just so important to customers that you’d have to be crazy not to be regularly reviewing and improving how you ship. The Study Like most online retailers, we didn’t have a good understanding of how… Continue reading


Understanding Competitive Advantages

Compared to our e-commerce auto detailing competitors, we have a lot of competitive disadvantages:  less space, less available cash, less employees, and less control over vendors and distribution.  It can be frustrating and intimidating when entering a new industry.  The incumbents will try to use those things to crush you (or at least make your life more difficult). From the beginning we’ve been about finding different things that turn the tables and give us the advantages.  We don’t want to play their game – we’ll… Continue reading


Simple Problem, Simple Answer

Apparently our Black Friday specials were a little too good.  Several disgruntled manufacturers have contacted us regarding their concerns that our pricing was too low.  Seems as if a few of our competitors (one in particular) ratted us out and complained that we were unfairly discounting the prices. Listen, I get that as we grow and become bigger threats to our competition they will use tactics like this as a way to take a shot at us.  In a way, it’s a compliment:  they’re admitting… Continue reading