Making Music Work At Work

When we first started working in our warehouse it was just my partners and I. We had an old boom box (remember those?) that we used to play local radio stations while we were in the warehouse. When we got back to the office someone would throw music on their computer. Sometimes people would use headphones if they wanted to zone in to their work. It kind of just worked and we didn’t think much of it. Fast forward to last year and our lack… Continue reading


How And Why We Adjusted Our Vacation Policies

It feels like we’ve had our core team in place forever. The six of us – myself, my two partners, and our three full-time employees – naturally form such a good team that sometimes we forget that we’ve only been together as a team for 14 months. Occasionally we’re reminded that we’re all still relatively new to each other when things happen that have never happened before and we’re forced to overhaul our policies. We just wrapped up a stretch where three of the six… Continue reading


Pure Adapt Night At The Tri-City ValleyCats

Over July 4th weekend we rented a box at a Tri-City ValleyCats baseball game, our local minor league baseball team (the Class A affiliate of the Houston Astros). We had been planning this for a while – it had been on our minds since last Summer. We wanted to hold an event for all of our employees and their families to come celebrate our success as a company. The ballpark is the perfect place to do it. We had a nice air conditioned suite but… Continue reading


The Magical Coffee Machine

The other day I was reading The Way I Work: Zulily’s Darrell Cavens in Inc Magazine and I smiled when I read this: Six months into the business, we got one of those Starbucks coffee machines here in the office. If I had realized the morale boost that would come from having a free coffee machine in the office, I would have got it Day One. It’s almost more exciting than medical benefits. We have one on every floor now. We have a similar story…. Continue reading


The Little Things That Win Customers

Somewhat surprisingly, today we shipped out a record number of orders as a part of our Spring Sale, beating even Cyber Monday 2012. I took a shot of the package pile towards the end of the day: As our FedEx pickup arrived we were literally sprinting around the warehouse trying to pack the last few orders. The interesting thing is that we didn’t have to do that. On our busiest day ever, we had already packed up every order that came in after 12:15 PM,… Continue reading


Why We Still Pay For Health Insurance In Full For Every Employee

Last month I had a dentist appointment. The dental hygienist – who I’ve known for my entire life – was asking me how business was and we eventually got on the topic of health care costs. I mentioned that our plan was being canceled and we had to pick a new plan for 2013. After quite a bit of research we were able to find a pretty good new plan. Of course, it’s still significantly more expensive than the old plan and has significantly worse… Continue reading


T-Shaped People

A few weeks ago Mark left a comment with a link to video game maker Valve’s company handbook.  That triggered my memory of a NY Times piece profiling them back in September that had garnered quite a bit of attention because of Valve’s “flat” organization (there are no managers) and 100% time (employees can work on whatever they want, kind of like Google’s 20% time…except all the time). Curious to learn more, I then sat down with my iPad and read the whole employee handbook. … Continue reading


What a Difference a Monitor Makes

It’s funny how big of a difference little changes can make. Earlier this year we started noticing that our employees were doing a lot of tasks that would benefit from more screen space. Laptop screens are more than adequate for plenty, but when you’re doing accounting, customer service, social media, research projects, and the like, it can be incredibly beneficial to snap two windows side-by-side. Not to mention the programming I’m doing or the graphic design that Mike’s doing. It’s not just more convenient, it… Continue reading


17 Weeks of Fantasy Football Fun

Football season is a really fun time of the year for LockerPulse. Walk in to our office at lunch time and we’re all using it to catch up on the latest news for our favorite teams and fantasy players. There’s a constant banter of “did you hear that XYZ is hurt?” and “I can’t believe that you didn’t start XYZ yesterday!” For sports fans like myself, LockerPulse is great all year round, but it really shines during football season. Fantasy football is arguably it’s best… Continue reading


Monday as a Measure

Steve over at Nerd Fitness wrote a great post last Monday entitled Always Dominate Monday: I challenge you today to start looking at Mondays differently. It’s not the start of a long week. It’s not the worst day of the week. Monday is the most important day of the week, so do it right: Plan out your meals for Monday on Sunday night. Where, when, and what will you eat? Can you prepare any of that the night before? Plan out your workouts for the… Continue reading