Customer Service Essay

Creating a Better Customer Service Workflow: Part 1 – The Problem

One of the ways that any small business can outdo the competition is with great customer service, something we’ve been dedicated to providing since day one. Given that we don’t provide phone support, it is even more important for us to provide the absolute best email customer service that we can. We’ve recently overhauled our customer service workflow so that it’s simpler, more scalable, and more efficient. These changes apply to all of our sites that generate a lot of customer questions – Detailed Image,… Continue reading


Creating a Better Customer Service Workflow: Part 2 – Our Solution

In my previous post, Creating a Better Customer Service Workflow: Part 1 – The Problem, I gave an overview of the issues we’ve begun to face as we’ve introduced multiple people into our customer service workflow. As you can see from the graphic above, our solution was simply Gmail. Well, a pimped out version of Google Apps Gmail that takes advantages of all of the unique features that Gmail has to offer in a manner that actually turns it into a pretty awesome customer service… Continue reading


Creating a Better Customer Service Workflow: Part 3 – Synchronized Text Expansion with AutoHotKey & Dropbox

In part one of this series about creating a better customer service system, I wrote about the problems with our existing customer service setup, in part two I wrote about our new solution using Google Apps Gmail. In this last post of the series I’m going to cover how we use AutoHotKey and Dropbox to synchronize text expansion across our company. What is Text Expansion? Text expansion is one of those things that’s somewhat difficult to explain, but once you see it or try it… Continue reading