Cyber Monday Week

Record Sales + 22″ Snow = (Some) Chaos

Typically, Cyber Monday falls a week earlier than this year, in late November instead of on December 2nd. Typically, the big snowstorms in upstate New York are in January, February, and early March. And typically, we’re never allowed to discount the very popular Rupes Polishers. This year was not typical. All three of those things happened, and it created a level of chaos that we haven’t seen in a while. First, the good: by Rupes allowing their popular-but-pricey polishers to be discounted on Black Friday… Continue reading


Working From Home This Black Friday

We’re anticipating that this Black Friday and Cyber Monday will be our biggest and busiest ever. Unlike every single previous year though, I’m working from home on Friday and Monday, as are my partners. This is a really big step for us. It was just last Black Friday that I wrote: If there’s one thing we don’t have down to a science, it’s staffing. It seems that every year we have less people than we expect, which puts extra pressure on those who are working…. Continue reading


Misc. Thoughts on Another Successful Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Last year’s Cyber Monday was thrilling because we vastly exceeded expectations based upon comparatively low 2015 sales. We were left scrambling around to pack and ship orders while our warehouse was mid-construction. It was hectic and stressful, but also fun and rewarding. I think that’s the only time in our history where we’ve been extraordinarily off (in a good way) with our sales projections. I wrote that getting all of our orders shipped out on Cyber Monday “felt like we just won the Super Bowl.”… Continue reading


The Most Fun I’ve Had On Cyber Monday In Years

In looking back at my Cyber Week posts, as far back as 2010 we had started to “figure it out” and in recent years the week became less hectic madness and more of a big sale that we were entirely prepared for, similar to some of our larger Spring sales. Last year I wrote Pushing Towards a More Relaxed Cyber Week: Next year, we’ve decided that on Black Friday we’re going to have everyone come in an hour later in the morning in an effort… Continue reading


Pushing Towards a More Relaxed Cyber Week

Each year we get better and better with our Black Friday, Thanksgiving, and Cyber Monday promotions, a week I like to refer to as Cyber Week. This year we ran some amazing deals, probably the biggest sales we’ve ever run. And each year we’ve seen sales growth during Cyber Week, which has been very rewarding. At the same time, we’ve become better and better and scheduling and running promos so we didn’t necessarily feel like we were scrambling around to make it all come together…. Continue reading


That Time The FedEx API Stopped Working on Cyber Monday

We were cruising along on Cyber Monday afternoon when I noticed that the FedEx Rate API was down, which is kind of important since we use it to pull shipping rates during checkout. No big deal I thought, it will default to the backup system, which was a rate table in our database. FedEx has scheduled downtime regularly and this backup has always worked well. Just to be certain though, I started investigating and realized that since this “downtime” wasn’t scheduled, we weren’t receiving a… Continue reading


A Very Interesting Cyber Monday Week

We had a rather interesting Cyber Monday Week (the name I’ve decided to give to our week of promotions that starts a few days before Thanksgiving and ends with Cyber Monday). Sales From a numbers standpoint it was pretty successful. Last year we obliterated 2011 so I wasn’t sure where to set my expectations for this year. Sales were still up this year compared to last, so it’s hard to complain, but the % growth didn’t match last year so I was a little bummed… Continue reading


Thoughts on a Killer Cyber Monday Week

The Expectations A few months ago we weren’t sure where to set our expectations for this year’s holiday shopping rush, what I like to now refer to as “Cyber Monday Week” – the Tuesday before Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday. Last year was a huge success, setting the bar pretty high for this year. Then we had a surprisingly successful October of sales where we saw larger-than-expected growth in a month that’s traditionally been one of our slowest. The month ended with Mike and Greg traveling… Continue reading


A Huge (& Highly Efficient) Cyber Monday!

That picture says it all. I couldn’t stand back far enough to get all of the boxes in the shot! I’m writing this at 4:45 PM on Monday, so I’m not sure whether or not today will break our record for sales in a day. I think it will based on our pace, but if it doesn’t, it will be close*. Regardless, we’ve already surpassed last November in sales, and the year as a whole surpassed 2010 a while back so in some ways it’s… Continue reading


Another Record-Breaking Cyber Monday for Detailed Image

Today we completed another killer end to November. Much like in previous years (2009, 2008), we really nailed the prime Holiday shopping period that now stretches from the Wednesday before Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday. We surpassed last year’s revenue for that stretch and we had our largest single day in company history yesterday on Cyber Monday. This month also broke our company record for revenue in a month, and early this month we set our company record for revenue in a year. All of that… Continue reading