Cyber Monday Week

Thank You DI Customers!

It’s 4:13 PM on Tuesday and I think this is the first second that I’ve had to relax since last Wednesday. The past five days have been out of control busy. When posted on Thursday I was excited to find out what was to come of our Thanksgiving-Black-Friday-Cyber-Monday sale, but I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. Even with all of the preparation and all of the things we’ve improved upon in the last year (namely the new Detailed Image site, which has only been… Continue reading


So, That Went Pretty Well

Apparently our specials worked pretty well.  We pretty much crushed our expectations for the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.  Take a look at our shipping area on Monday with all of the orders from over the weekend: That prior record of 73 items shipped out in a day is now somewhere around 130.  Then we followed that up by absolutely killing Cyber Monday and doing single-day records in terms of number of sales and revenue.  If you take out a fluky $6k order we had once through… Continue reading