Why Continuous Learning is Important

I think one of the key indicators of whether you chose the right career is your level of passion to continue to learn and evolve as things change. Case in point, for the past month or two Mike and I have been obsessed with learning CSS3 and HTML5, both of which are becoming more and more usable in more and more browsers (see this nifty little chart for a full breakdown). I find myself getting sidetracked at night, hopping back on my computer to see… Continue reading


The LockerPulse 30 Day Update…on Day 15

I’m breaking my own rule about waiting 30 days before issuing any updates to a new web project, but it’s with good reason. Mike will be heading to China for a month-long vacation starting Saturday and I wanted to work with him to push out the changes rather than try to go at it solo (things tend to come out much better when we do that…) There were also several common threads in the feedback we received that pointed out some problems that I wanted… Continue reading


The Result of 6 Months of Iterative Design on LockerPulse

When I first built the demo of LockerPulse to show my partners last December, I decided to only have one team that actually functioned. I hadn’t worked out a lot of the efficiency issues, and we didn’t have a separate server, so I didn’t want to use our resources on pulling in news for 122 teams when one would suffice to prove the concept. I chose the Buffalo Bills because Greg is a super-hardcore-crazy-obsessive Bills fan. Since that day, he’s used the site every day… Continue reading


Programming or Design – Which Comes First?

Over the past few years, Mike and I have come up with a pretty good design and development process.  I think the new Detailed Image site is proof of that. I mean, we built a pretty awesome e-commerce platform from scratch in less than five months while still performing most of our day to day responsibilities. It always interests me to hear how other companies do things, especially because we’re starting to learn that we do things different than most.  It’s not that our way… Continue reading