No Reply Necessary

As I’ve written about before, internal email can be challenging. The most ambiguous part of internal email – email sent within the company – is knowing when to reply and when not to. As I wrote in that post in 2012: Know when to respond and when not to. This is a tough one. I like to put myself in other people’s shoes. If I would want a response from them – even if it’s just “great idea!” or “keep me posted, I’m interested” –… Continue reading


Automating Out of Stock Products

Back in 2010 I wrote a post about Managing Out of Stock Products. There are some great comments on that post. They stood out to me so much that I still recall almost four years later that the prevailing theme was: why don’t you automate it? Well, a few months ago we finally did. The main hold up in 2010 was the accuracy of our inventory system. Since then we’ve made several initiatives and now have the system at the point where it’s as accurate… Continue reading


“What’s the most challenging part of working for yourself and how do you work through this challenge?”

I was recently interviewed by Laurel Staples of the Go Fire Yourself blog. I really dig her site and her approach to encouraging entrepreneurship. One of my favorite questions from the interview was: Q: What’s the most challenging part of working for yourself and how do you work through this challenge? A: I think the biggest challenge is time management. When you have partners, employees, suppliers, customers, etc all vying for your attention things can get hectic. It can be tough to prioritize what’s really… Continue reading


Your Site Is Never “Done”

My wife and I recently bought a house. Our apartment lease ends at the end of June so we decided to do some work on the house before moving in. We had the hardwood floors refinished. We’re going to be doing some painting. Stuff like that. Nothing major, but the type of stuff that’s easier to do when you’re not living there. At some point though, we have to stop the projects and move in. No house will never be “perfect” but that doesn’t mean… Continue reading


Thoughts on a Killer Cyber Monday Week

The Expectations A few months ago we weren’t sure where to set our expectations for this year’s holiday shopping rush, what I like to now refer to as “Cyber Monday Week” – the Tuesday before Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday. Last year was a huge success, setting the bar pretty high for this year. Then we had a surprisingly successful October of sales where we saw larger-than-expected growth in a month that’s traditionally been one of our slowest. The month ended with Mike and Greg traveling… Continue reading


Five Lasting Impressions of “The 4-Hour Workweek” as it’s Five-Year Anniversary Approaches

A quick Google search will reveal that Tim Ferriss is quite the controversial character.  He’s generally either loved or hated.  I personally am in the minority in that I’m square in the middle.  Tim has lots of interesting ideas, thoughts, experiments, and experiences.  A lot of his ideas are also ridiculously embellished or downright implausible, and he is an endless self promoter. For this post though, we’re going to focus on the positive.  It’s crazy to think, but it’s been almost five years since The… Continue reading


The Advantage of Skimming

Sometimes I think skimming gets a bad rap. We’re worried that people in the future won’t be able to focus long enough to comprehend anything of real value. While there’s likely some truth to that, I also see huge opportunity and huge value in skimming…especially for business owners. Half of the battle when it comes to making business decisions in our current landscape is knowing what’s possible. Whether we’re talking specifically web development (HTML5, CSS3, responsive design, etc), or any other aspect of running a… Continue reading


A Huge (& Highly Efficient) Cyber Monday!

That picture says it all. I couldn’t stand back far enough to get all of the boxes in the shot! I’m writing this at 4:45 PM on Monday, so I’m not sure whether or not today will break our record for sales in a day. I think it will based on our pace, but if it doesn’t, it will be close*. Regardless, we’ve already surpassed last November in sales, and the year as a whole surpassed 2010 a while back so in some ways it’s… Continue reading


Creating a Better Customer Service Workflow: Part 3 – Synchronized Text Expansion with AutoHotKey & Dropbox

In part one of this series about creating a better customer service system, I wrote about the problems with our existing customer service setup, in part two I wrote about our new solution using Google Apps Gmail. In this last post of the series I’m going to cover how we use AutoHotKey and Dropbox to synchronize text expansion across our company. What is Text Expansion? Text expansion is one of those things that’s somewhat difficult to explain, but once you see it or try it… Continue reading


Creating a Better Customer Service Workflow: Part 2 – Our Solution

In my previous post, Creating a Better Customer Service Workflow: Part 1 – The Problem, I gave an overview of the issues we’ve begun to face as we’ve introduced multiple people into our customer service workflow. As you can see from the graphic above, our solution was simply Gmail. Well, a pimped out version of Google Apps Gmail that takes advantages of all of the unique features that Gmail has to offer in a manner that actually turns it into a pretty awesome customer service… Continue reading