New Essay: SEO & Web Marketing For New Web Ventures

While we’re in the process of consolidating our sites, I decided to do something I’ve long been intending to do: put the final nail in the coffin of Faceup-Sites and create an essay to replace the downloadable e-book that was what remained of the site. That e-book was very exhaustive and had some really good information. The problem was that I hadn’t updated it since July of 2008, and in the web world that’s an eternity. So I re-wrote it to match the style of… Continue reading


An Essay on an Essay on Startups

I recently read Paul Graham’s essay entitled What Startups Are Really Like and found it to be so true that I decided to base my second essay off of his essay.  An essay about an essay! Below is an excerpt.  As always, I welcome as much feedback as you’re willing to give.  Happy Holidays everyone! Paul Graham, founder of Y Combinator, a technology incubator for early stage businesses, surveyed over 100 of his founders to try to determine what surprised them about running a business…. Continue reading


So You Want to Learn How to Program?

When I guest lectured at James Madison a few weeks back I was asked a couple of questions from students interested in learning how to program. I get those questions in various forms all the time. I decided to write a post about how I’d recommend going from nothing to programming a real live web site that can make you money. Well, that “post” became quite lengthy and I decided to start a new section on the blog. You’ll notice an “Essays” tab on the… Continue reading