Changes in Work, Sleep, Learning, & More

In looking back at posts from previous years, I realized that I used to post more frequently about all of the other things I think go into running a business and being an entrepreneur. Stuff like sleep and happiness and work ethic. As I’ve slowed a bit with my posting, it seems like those posts have been fewer and farther between. This certainly wasn’t intentional, but it’s always easier to put off a post about sleep & productivity than it is a post about a… Continue reading


Vote With Your Actions

A few months ago I saw the movie Food, Inc.  I’ve become quite obsessed with the food industry the past few years.  I’ve read a bunch of books and watched a bunch of documentaries.  It fascinates me just how broken things are and how negatively that affects the entire population. One of my favorite parts about Food, Inc was at the end of the movie, after revealing just how bad things are, they give you specific steps that you can do to take action.  The… Continue reading


Warehouse Hockey & Company Culture

Last year I wrote about how we use our shipping dock as a hockey goal.  For a while it was fun to just blast shots at the goal.  Then it was fun to try to score a goal from real far away.  Then it was fun to put up targets with pictures of our least favorite vendors.  But alas, all of that grew old.  So Greg and I set out to make up a new game to entertain us when we didn’t feel like working. … Continue reading


The Entrepreneurs Hierarchy of Needs?

On the way to work today I was listening to an audiobook version of the book FREE: The Future of a Radical Price by Chris Anderson (available for free on Audible) when he mentioned Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, something I was familiar with from college psychology class.  Immediately I zoned out and started thinking about how this impacts business owners. The basic premise of Maslow’s hierarchy is that there is a pyramid of human needs, the higher up of which can only be met when… Continue reading


Business Lifestyle Design

In January I was a little hard on myself when evaluating my ’08 progress and my ’09 goals. I try to somewhat separate myself from the business because they’re not necessarily correlated, and because I’m evaluating more than just the company. It’s easy to get caught up in always trying to do whatever it takes to make more money, but I want to make sure that I’m not doing that at the expense of things that are more important to me. Finding time for my… Continue reading


Celebrating Our Success

In this day and age, where nothing is easy, we’ve accomplished a great deal as a business over the past few years.  Last month we hit several milestones sooner than we had anticipated.  One of the things I love about our company is that whenever we’re at a meeting and we’re discussing something big that we’ve done, there’s always talk of how and when we’re going to celebrate. Last night we went to dinner at a “trendy” wine bar in Albany.  It was possibly the… Continue reading


Caring More About Your Business than Yourself

This is sort of an addendum to the last post from a little while ago. Running a business also teaches you a selflessness that translates great to other aspects of life.  Not paying yourself so that you can expand.  Taking less pay so that you can hire an employee.  Living with your parents or in a crappy apartment to save money.  Donating your tax return back to the company instead of spending it on yourself.  Taking care of a customer because it’s the right thing… Continue reading


Entrepreneurship is a Life Question

Jim Collins, author of one of my favorite business books, Good to Great:  Why Some Companies Make the Leap…and Others Don’t, was interviewed in the 30th Anniversary Issue of Inc. Magazine last month.   The entire article is a good read, but one question in particular stood out to me: How do you define entrepreneurship? I take a broad view of it. The traditional definition — founding an entity designed to make money — is too narrow for me. I see entrepreneurship as more of… Continue reading


Consistency = Success = Happiness?

This past week I noticed that the gym was noticeably emptier.  In fact, it’s been getting less and less crowded every week for the past month or so.  This is perfectly normal, because it’s March, and March is just about when everyone who made a New Year’s Resolution to get in shape is starting to give up.  Especially the people who go early in the morning like I do.  They slip back into their bad old habits and find ways to justify doing other things… Continue reading