In Appreciation of My Favorite YE Bloggers

Oke Atatah recently wrote a really really nice post about what he’s learned from my blog.   At the end he wrote: Adam, my challenge to you is to write an appreciation to someone that you admire. I would love to see how far it goes. Thanks again for all you have done for me! This reminds me of my Something We Should Do More Of post from over the summer.  There are actually three young entrepreneur bloggers that I really admire.  I can’t really… Continue reading


Something We Should Do More Of

“Without realizing it, we fill important places in each other’s lives. It’s that way with a minister and congregation. Or with the guy at the corner grocery store, the mechanic at the local garage, the family doctor, teachers, neighbors, co-workers. Good people, who are always ‘there’, who can be relied upon in small, important ways. People who teach us, bless us, encourage us, support us, uplift us in the dailiness of life. We never tell them. I don’t know why, but we don’t. And of… Continue reading


An Inspirational Story

I dare you to read this story and not shed a tear. A few weeks back I wrote a post about learning resilience from being an entrepreneur. In reality, my adversity has been self-manufactured and will ultimately be somewhat self-serving. While there’s certainly something to be said for self-induced sacrifice now for a better future, it’s not the same as facing true adversity caused by elements out of your control. This is a story of overcoming true adversity. When I was growing up there was… Continue reading