“What’s the most challenging part of working for yourself and how do you work through this challenge?”

I was recently interviewed by Laurel Staples of the Go Fire Yourself blog. I really dig her site and her approach to encouraging entrepreneurship. One of my favorite questions from the interview was: Q: What’s the most challenging part of working for yourself and how do you work through this challenge? A: I think the biggest challenge is time management. When you have partners, employees, suppliers, customers, etc all vying for your attention things can get hectic. It can be tough to prioritize what’s really… Continue reading


My (sort of) Interview with Gary Vaynerchuk

Somewhat frequently I get emails from book publishers wondering if I’d be interested in reading and reviewing their new book on my blog.  Not all of the book reviews I write happen that way, but a lot do.  Lately I’ve sort of backed off agreeing to them.  I don’t get all that much time to read, so when I do I like to read the book of my choice at my own pace, regardless of topic or length, without the pressure of having to finish… Continue reading


Meet a Fascinating YE – Interview with Jun Loayza

I recently conducted an email interview with fellow young entrepreneur Jun Loayza.  As fellow Brazen Careerist bloggers, we struck up a conversation about a month ago due to our striking similarities.  His answers below give a very candid view of what it is like to start a company right out of college: Adam: You and I are very similar in that we have made the decision to start our own companies and then blog about it. What led you to decide to dedicate yourself to… Continue reading