LockerPulse Post-Mortem: 8 Innovative Features

Yesterday was the last day of LockerPulse. The sale is complete and the domain now redirects to SportSpyder. Rather than analyzing what didn’t work with LP, I thought it would be more apt to celebrate some of the really cool innovative things that we did. There’s no sense in dwelling on the past, especially when it worked out so well. Fantasy Player Tracking My #1 favorite feature. We could take a string of text – a player’s name in this case – and compare it… Continue reading


LockerPulse Acquired by Local Company SportSpyder

Over on the LockerPulse blog I just made the announcement that LockerPulse has been acquired by SportSpyder. I copied that announcement below. The amazing part is that they’re also located in Albany and their president is also an RPI alumni. What are the odds! Needless to say we’re very excited to have such a great opportunity to sell the site to such an ideal company. More to come soon. — We’re excited to announce that LockerPulse has been acquired by SportSpyder. Effective 10/15/2014 will… Continue reading


Why a LockerPulse App?

On Monday we released a fantasy football Android app for LockerPulse. Here’s a bit of the backstory. LockerPulse as a Business LockerPulse has sort of been stuck in the same place the past few years. It has a small, active, hard core user base. It’s growing, but slowly. It makes a little money on ads, but it costs more to run. Server expenses are high when you’re indexing 4,500+ sites for news every 15 minutes. We’ve built some seriously cool technology. There are plenty of… Continue reading


LockerPulse Fantasy Football Android App Now Available!

Today we released our first Android app, Fantasy Football News Now by LockerPulse just in time for fantasy football season! The app is essentially a decoupling of the player news tracking feature of LockerPulse. It’s a relatively simple app. You select the players on your fantasy team that you want us to track news for, and we scour 40+ sites for mentions of those players and then present the articles to you in your “My News” news stream. The app doesn’t require a LockerPulse account… Continue reading


LockerPulse as a Google Reader Replacement For Sports Fans?

We’ve been so busy lately with Detailed Image that some of our plans for LockerPulse have taken a backseat. With Google Reader shutting down on July 1, I thought it might be a good idea to do a small push to see if we can’t pick up some of the sports fans who use RSS primarily to consume sports news. I used to use Google Reader for my sports news, but LockerPulse is such an upgrade that I long abandoned that. For my non-sports feeds… Continue reading


My Trip to NYC for the NY Sports Tech Meetup

The intersection of sports and tech is an interesting one.  Maybe more so than any industry, sports and sports media are dominated by big players like TV networks (ESPN/ABC, NBC, Fox, CBS) and by the leagues themselves.  Despite the mounds of data that sports produce, the 24x7x365 news cycle, and the gigantic size of the market, there are shockingly few sports startups.  If you follow the tech news cycle at all, you know that it’s pretty rare to see anything sports related gaining attention. There… Continue reading


17 Weeks of Fantasy Football Fun

Football season is a really fun time of the year for LockerPulse. Walk in to our office at lunch time and we’re all using it to catch up on the latest news for our favorite teams and fantasy players. There’s a constant banter of “did you hear that XYZ is hurt?” and “I can’t believe that you didn’t start XYZ yesterday!” For sports fans like myself, LockerPulse is great all year round, but it really shines during football season. Fantasy football is arguably it’s best… Continue reading


HTML5 or Native Apps? Why We Chose HTML5 for LockerPulse. Plus – Our Awesome New Shirts

Over on the popular Speckyboy Design Magazine I wrote a guest post entitled Why We Chose HTML5 Over Native Apps that went up yesterday.  I go in to detail about why HTML5 was a better choice for LockerPulse.  I had been itching to write the post for a while.  I wanted to get it out to a large designer/developer audience, and also hopefully get a little pub for LockerPulse.  I contacted Paul over at Speckyboy, one of my favorite web design sites, and he agreed… Continue reading


On the LockerPulse Blog: Making HTML5 and Responsive Design Work for Web Apps Like LockerPulse

Over on the LockerPulse Product Blog I wrote an in-depth post about the design and development of the new LockerPulse.  One of the big decisions we made early on was to build one single HTML5 app for all devices.  A big part of making that work is using CSS3 media queries to do what’s called “responsive design.”  Early on we realized that responsive design, while awesome, still has plenty of limitations.  This post dives in to the challenges and how we solved them. It’s probably… Continue reading


It’s Alive! The New LockerPulse is Here

We just went live with the all new LockerPulse. As I said a few years ago, it’s alive! Head over to the home page and check it out. My post over on the LockerPulse blog has the full details of what’s new in this version. I plan on doing a few posts over here about some of the more interesting/challenging/frustrating parts of the project. Personally though, I’m extremely satisfied with how it came out. LockerPulse has truly enhanced my experience as a sports fan. I’ve… Continue reading