After Plenty of Setbacks, We’re Getting Close with LockerPulse

Whew. What a crazy project this new LockerPulse has been. Remember when I posted in February that we were half done after about 6 weeks of work? Well, that 3 month project has turned in to a 6 month project. Generally I’m pretty spot-on with my estimates when I plan these types of large development projects out. What slowed us up this time? Without a doubt, running Detailed Image is reason #1.  We’ve grown significantly since our last large development project, the original launch of… Continue reading


Making Business Decisions That Don’t Suck When You Have No Data

My business partner Greg and I always joke about how one of the biggest differences between college and the real world – specifically running a business – is that in school you almost always have all of the information that you need to make a decision or solve a problem, whereas when you’re running a small business you rarely do. The funny thing is that he’s basing this on his MBA classes and I’m basing it on my engineering classes, which on the surface one… Continue reading


Developing Half a Product

One of our major objectives this year is to take some big chances with LockerPulse.  We want to know if it’s a viable business, and if so, how viable.  Is it a profitable side project or is it something much much bigger? While it’s been almost two years since it launched, we were unable to give it the attention we planned on during 2011 due to the yearlong chaos.  So we made it completely free and collected as much data as we could. At the… Continue reading


Embrace Those Constraints

Today I deployed a small feature on LockerPulse: keyboard shortcuts.  This is one of those power user features that we’ve had a few customers contact us about. Most people won’t use it, but the people who are used to using keyboard shortcuts on Gmail and Google Reader will find it extremely valuable. I had a pocket of time before the chaos of the holiday shopping season ensues next week. Rather than digging in to a large project that I’d have to put on hold for… Continue reading


LockerPulse Fantasy Player Tracking Launched!

On Saturday we wrapped up and released one of my favorite projects I’ve ever worked on: LockerPulse fantasy player news tracking. My partners and I have all been avid fantasy players for years (I was in leagues where Barry Sanders and Emmitt Smith were the consensus top 2 picks!) and like all fantasy football players, we’re looking for any informational edge that we can get to help us win. Especially Sunday mornings, and especially when injuries are involved. There’s nothing worse than starting a guy… Continue reading


LockerPulse Launches in the Toshiba App Place

A few months ago I received an email from SnappCloud, a company that builds cloud app stores, on behalf of Toshiba.  They were interested in including LockerPulse in an app store that Toshiba was launching.  Now, I’ll admit, I was a little skeptical at first.  I mean, just how many app stores can there be?  Then again, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to schedule a call with them, so I did. And I was really impressed.  They had “soft launched” the app store, named the… Continue reading


The Benefits of a “How Can We Get Better?” Box

When you’re starting a new site, especially something like LockerPulse that doesn’t fit into an existing category with an existing set of “rules” (like say e-commerce), you really have no idea what people are going to love about your site and what they’re going to hate, what they wish was better and what they wish was the same. Studying analytics is one part of the conversation, but equally as important, maybe even more so early on, is just talking to users. The problem becomes how… Continue reading


Check Out LockerPulse on Google’s College Basketball Page!

Updating my last post about LockerPulse and college basketball, Google has had us on the homepage of the Chrome Web App Store for the past few days: I thought that this might be the extent of their “promotion”. Then I read their blog post Baseline to baseline, we’ve got the basketball games covered and saw that they’ve added LockerPulse to a special College Basketball Tournament 2011 page where you can check scores, schedules, use Google Maps and Google Earth to explore the cities and venues,… Continue reading


College News on LockerPulse: Start to Finish in 5 Days

On Tuesday morning I received an email from two people at Google asking for some vector graphics for LockerPulse. They said that they were going to be featuring it in an upcoming March Madness promotion, presumably for the Chrome Web App Store, although they didn’t specifically say so (“March Madness” refers to the NCAA basketball tournament that starts this Sunday night with the selection show, with play beginning Tuesday). This would be an awesome opportunity to promote LockerPulse, especially because we haven’t really started our… Continue reading


LockerPulse Ads Up & Running, Version

OK so we really don’t version our projects like that. The point is that this is a really early stage project. From the very beginning, prior to even deciding whether or not to have a paid version, we recognized that there was a lot of opportunity in targeting ads to sports fans. SportsLizard does this in a very basic way. On our Price Guide we target eBay ads based upon what card/collectible the user is valuing. Search for a Michael Jordan card, and we’ll show… Continue reading