The Difference Between Being 20 and 25

Every once in a while I have one of those moments where I say to myself  “holy crap, I can’t believe this – I’m 25 years old and my partners and I run a company.  We’ve built our own e-commerce platform and have our own warehouse, and we did it without giving up any stock or taking any outside money.  I am living my dream.”  It’s so easy to get caught up in the day to day crap that I forget that sometimes. Things are… Continue reading


Downshifting Post-Launch

It’s a weird feeling that I always get around this time. Every single time I’ve launched a new site or project I’ve felt the same thing, best described by a post I wrote back in 2006 just after the launch of iPrioritize: From my limited experience as an entrepreneur, I’ve come to the realization that the day after the launch of a new business or product is a weird one. The initial excitement and relief of the launch has been replaced with a realization that… Continue reading


The Focus of a Tiger

I’ve never been the world’s biggest Tiger Woods fan. I respect him, am in awe of his athletic ability, and admire his work ethic. However, I’ve always thought he came across a bit too ‘rehearsed’ and not ‘real’ enough…kind of like Michael Jordan. Nothing wrong with that I suppose, but in sports, business, and in life I tend to look up to people who are a little more transparent and strong in their convictions. All of that said, his interview this week with Scott Van… Continue reading


Having Non-Work Related Goals

Today I was planning on writing a post about the startup life and the mentality required to live it, but Adam Gilbert stole my thunder…by using the EXACT same quote I had written on my index card this morning. Adam basically summed up my thoughts in his conclusion: If I’m going to do something then I might as well be doing something remarkable/great/worth doing/worth talking about. Otherwise, why bother? So let’s say you’re like Adam and my partners and I, and you have the privilege… Continue reading


Cutting it Close – Time to Step Up

I bet you think I just haven’t been posting much this week because we’ve been busy getting acclimated to the warehouse. Right? Right? Nope – I caught a wicked cold and have spent most of the week home sick getting very little accomplished. This was supposed to be the week where I started my ‘new’ routine, but that’ll have to wait until next week. Speaking of next week, we could end up spending the majority of the week working with the oil company trying to… Continue reading


Setting Up Positive Reinforcement

About a month ago there was a problem with the automated inventory system that I built for Detailed Image.  Whenever I ran tests it worked fine, but Greg kept telling me it was off.  After looking into the issue, I made a fix that I thought would solve the problem, but certainly couldn’t be 100% sure until we saw it live.  We need accurate inventory for accounting and re-ordering, so I decided we should figure out how accurate the system was sooner rather than later…. Continue reading


Early Riser – 1 Month Update

On January 1 I wrote about how I hate New Years Resolutions and then proceeded to make one myself:  to improve my sleep schedule.  Throughout college and my early professional life I’ve always been an erratic sleeper to say the least, and I became envious of those who were able to wake up early and start the day “ahead” of me.  I decided on 6 AM as my new wakeup time because it’s early, but not so early that you have to be asleep at… Continue reading


Entrepreneurs Make Less Money – So You Better Love it

I’m sitting here at Starbucks early on a Saturday morning. I’ve been here since about 7:45 AM (it’s 9 now) and predictably it’s been pretty dead in here. I’ve been sifting through emails, doing a little programming, and now writing a blog post. I’ve never accomplished more than I have in this past week, and I’ve thus never been happier or more comfortable with my future and the overall direction of Pure Adapt. I’ve wrote about this before, but if you take a snapshot of… Continue reading


If I Had To Start Over…

Let’s just say hypothetically that Pure Adapt fell apart tomorrow and we lost everything and I was left with nothing. What would I do? First things first – if you know me, you know the absolute last thing I’d ever do is get a job. So how would I build a company? Mark Cuban wrote a great post yesterday entitled The Best Equity is Sweat Equity: There are only two reasonable sources of capital for startup entrepreneurs, your own pocket and your customers pockets. I… Continue reading


Becoming an Early Riser

I’m not a huge fan of “New Years Resolutions”. To me, NOW is the best time to start something new and waiting until New Years is stupid (side note: I’ve most likely developed my hatred for New Years resolutions due to the fact that I’ve had trouble getting a good workout in January or February at any packed gym I’ve been a member at for the last 10 years because everyone and their mother decides to get in shape on 1/1 and quits by Valentines… Continue reading