Music Alerts

The End of Music Alerts + One Great Memory

Earlier today I shut down Music Alerts, our service that allowed you to enter a list of your favorite musicians and receive alerts via RSS of their new album releases.  Here’s an example of what you’d see in your RSS reader: I launched it just over five years ago, back in September of 2007, after I was unable to find a service to notify me when my favorite artists were releasing new albums.  It only took a weekend of programming to create.  I spent an… Continue reading


Major Music Alerts Efficiency Update

Like anything else, once you get good at programming a large part of your improvement comes in your ability to be more efficient.  Can you get the same results with less code, fewer files, less queries to execute, etc.  If you don’t, any inefficiencies really become magnified as a project scales and your hand gets forced. When I whipped up Music-Alerts over a weekend last fall I really just wanted something that worked for ME.  I didn’t exactly plan it to scale.  I also wasn’t… Continue reading


Wow – Grooveshark Could Revolutionize the Music Industry

In college, I downloaded music from our school’s network and used Winamp to play my music. I swore I’d never be one of those “fools” who actually paid for music and fell into the iTunes/iPod trap. Then I got an iPod for Christmas one year and realized I should start paying for my music (you know, since it’s legally and morally the right thing to do), so I fell in love with iTunes and to date haven’t looked back. Amazon’s affordable DRM free store is… Continue reading


Music Alerts Facebook Application

Since Music-Alerts caught on last week, my partners and I debated exactly what to do with it. We pretty much concluded what I’d mentioned previously: try to grow the user base by keeping the core application simple, and strategically place affiliate links to buy/download items. Instead of whoring out the site with ads and other content to try to make affiliate sales and force ad clicks, our approach ensures we keep the appeal of the site. As I’ve mentioned previously, the only way this will… Continue reading


Music Alerts is bLoWiNg uP!!!

OK, so I know I’ve been posting a lot about Music-Alerts. I was intending on writing a post today about how this has been a really up and down week. A lot of great stuff has happened, and a lot of frustrating stuff that makes me want to run full speed into a wall has happened too. It really has been one of those weeks where you drain yourself by running through the entire gamut of human emotions. Instead, I’m posting about Music-Alerts. After my… Continue reading


One-Hour Marketing Challenge a Success + New Music-Alerts Feature

I wasn’t really sure how my one hour of marketing Music Alerts would pan out.  Turns out it went well…really well.  The StumbleUpon traffic has been nice, but it was those 10 or so emails that I sent that got the viral bug started.  Blogs like Emily Chang’s eHub, KillerStartups, and even a popular Italian tech blog gave it good reviews, and the site went from about 30 visitors a and 1 feed created per day, to over 500 visitors and over 50 feeds created… Continue reading


My One-Hour Marketing Challenge

As I said back when I launched it, Music-Alerts is a site I’m really proud of.  I think it’s a service that a lot of people could benefit from, and I think I did a pretty good job on the design and programming.  That said, let’s be honest:  the chances for it to actually make us any money is very slim.  The only chance it has is to become HUGE so we could make money on advertising or affiliate sales.  Currently, the links to the… Continue reading


Quick Music Alerts Update

I’ve decided to hold off on promoting Music Alerts for a while for a few reasons. Primarily because I’m in the middle of ramping back up our client services after the launch of DI and I’m swamped, but also because I wanted to give it some time to be tested in the field. There’s no way to predict when an album will be added to Amazon, so I just sat back and waited. Today I got my first real alert. It worked perfectly – Google… Continue reading


Music Alerts Fixes – More Speed and No Duplicates

I received a handful of great emails/comments about Music Alerts in the last 24 hours.  I’ve also heard from a few hardcore fans who tried creating feeds of 200+ artists.  I call them hardcore because mine consisted of about 25 :).  As with any really raw program the faults were exposed for those large feeds so I spent a few hours today cleaning the programming up: Faster feed generation.  Previously, I was generating the feeds on the fly every request…meaning each time you or your… Continue reading


Introducing – Never Miss an Album Release

Last Friday afternoon I realized that I almost missed the album release of one of my favorite bands. I just happened to visit their website out of boredom and notice they had already released a few singles and were about to release a new album. I don’t have my pulse in the music industry to the point where I know every release as soon as it announced, so I usually rely on checking bands websites. I wrote on a sticky note “find music alerts site”…. Continue reading