News Consumption

Tuning out the Noise, When Not to Finish a Project, and Planning vs Doing

In the comments section of my last post Rob left a comment with some really good questions that I thought were worthy of an entire post. These are all things that I constantly struggle with, which makes them great questions to think about, write about, and discuss: How do you tune out the noise? How do you manage to avoid the Firehose of great ideas from every direction – colleagues, friends, yourself, the internet? There seem to be opportunities around every corner. I have a… Continue reading


An Update on My Information Overload Experiment

I started off the new year by cutting back on the news. Shortly after, I came across Ryan Holiday’s article Seriously, You—OK, We—Need To Stop Watching The News This Year, which did a great job summing up my feelings on the topic, along with raising some new red flags. I can only speak for myself, but I’m less stressed, less distracted, and a clearer thinker when I avoid most of the news. After not too long it became apparent that most of those changes that… Continue reading


Information Overload: Cutting Back on the News

As last year wore on, I noticed myself steadily reading more and more of what I would consider general “news”, something I’ve written before that I try to avoid. Previously, Twitter was the worst culprit for me, but after giving it up I didn’t even install it when I got my new phone. This time it was more subtle. I noticed myself adding a lot of feeds to my Feedly, to the point where there was always new stories if I pulled and refreshed. I… Continue reading


The New York Times Weekend Briefing Is The Only “News” I Read

James Altucher has a really good quote in Tools of Titans: Short and Sweet On the Value of Selective Ignorance, After Working at a Newspaper “You’re basically told, ‘Find the thing that’s going to scare people the most and write about it.’…It’s like every day is Halloween at the newspaper. I avoid newspapers.” Tim Ferriss has mentioned this before, and I think it’s one of the better takeaways from The 4-Hour Workweek: I never watch the news and have bought one single newspaper in the… Continue reading


Sometimes Paper is Just Better

One of the most enjoyable experiences I had while on vacation in January was reading the New York Times each day. The hotel we were staying at had complimentary copies of the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and local Florida papers. Each day I’d snag a Times on my way out to the pool or beach and just kick back and work my way through it. I got the same news that I usually get at home, but I thoroughly enjoyed not having to… Continue reading


Radio’s Revival? Why Audio is My Favorite Entertainment Medium & What Podcasts I Listen To

I recently read an article in Sports Illustrated about the famous St. Louis radio station KMOX. The article lamented the good old days of talk radio (no link since SI doesn’t publish their stories online). While reading it I kept thinking: sure terrestrial radio probably isn’t thriving right now, but audio as an entertainment medium seems to be undergoing a revival. I myself listen to more podcasts and streaming audio now than I ever listened to traditional radio. Why Audio? Audio is an unbelievably underrated… Continue reading


Rethinking How I Consume RSS

A lot has changed since I first posted about what I read back in 2008. I stopped reading tech sites like TechCrunch and instead started relying on podcasts from the TWiT network for most of my tech news. I unsubscribed from some blogs and instead followed the authors on Twitter. I co-founded LockerPulse, which I use exclusively for my sports news. Still, Google Reader played a regular role in my reading so I was really sad to see it go. RSS lets you keep up… Continue reading


Five Lasting Impressions of “The 4-Hour Workweek” as it’s Five-Year Anniversary Approaches

A quick Google search will reveal that Tim Ferriss is quite the controversial character.  He’s generally either loved or hated.  I personally am in the minority in that I’m square in the middle.  Tim has lots of interesting ideas, thoughts, experiments, and experiences.  A lot of his ideas are also ridiculously embellished or downright implausible, and he is an endless self promoter. For this post though, we’re going to focus on the positive.  It’s crazy to think, but it’s been almost five years since The… Continue reading


Unsubscribed From TechCrunch

Mark Cuban professes to read three hours a day. [He points out] that one great idea he gets from a magazine he spends hours reading will pay off a thousand times over for his business. The challenge then is to limit the crap you consume and focus on what’s actually going to help you. You know, so you can actually make progress with your company. I might not spend three hours a day like Mark Cuban, but I’d say I read close to two a… Continue reading


I Still Listen to CDs and Read Books (and I bet a few other people do too)

I’ve long wanted a Kindle, but I just can’t bring myself to do it.  I’d easily spend over $300 when you factor in tax and a case. I  buy around one book per month.  At $10/book that’s 30 months before I cover the cost of the Kindle, many more before I break even because I’d still be buying said books on the device.  Then I’d have to worry about charging it, even if the battery life is amazing. I’d also be locked in to Amazon’s… Continue reading