NFL Ticket Experiment

NFL Season Ticket Experiment

In 2003 I thought it would be a good idea to put my name on the waiting lists for season tickets for several NFL teams.  Not every team has a wait, and not every team that does have a wait allows you to get on the list for free (some have PSL’s while others charge $100/seat to be on the list).  However, a handful of really good teams with really long waits do allow you to get on their season ticket waiting list free of… Continue reading


Broncos Tickets in Hand [NFL Season Ticket Experiment]

Finally.  I just received the two pairs of Broncos season tickets in the mail. I have one person interested in them (friend of a friend) so I’ll give him first dibs.  If not, we’ll probably throw them up on StubHub.  The good news is that the Broncos season ticket waiting list is up to 28,000 and the wait is 13 – 15 years.  The bad news is that the economy (or perceived economy) stinks so it might be a little tougher to sell than I… Continue reading


Well, We Broke Even [NFL Season Ticket Experiment]

I may have slightly over-estimated the potential with our NFL Season Ticket Experiment. We made $47, or $23.50 each. Our initial investment was $2,032. We now have $2,079, or 2.3% more than we started with. So for all intents and purposes we broke even, but definitely learned a few good lessons. But before I get into what I’d do differently, here’s the data: And broken down by section: OK, so why did we barely profit and what would I do differently? The 15% commission is… Continue reading