Non Profit

Volunteering as a Team for a Great Cause

On Tuesday we shut down operations at the warehouse and our entire team volunteered to help move a soup kitchen in downtown Albany to it’s new location. The project is a Roman Catholic-Jewish partnership between the Blessed Sacrament parish in Albany, Catholic Charities of the Albany Diocese, and Temple Beth Emeth in Albany. They serve over 150 meals, three days a week to the poor in the community, as well as provide a clothing thrift shop, medical screenings, legal advice, and other assistance programs. In… Continue reading


Just Happy To Be Home (and how to help those who aren’t)

As Hurricane Irene made it’s way up the east cost, it seemed as though upstate NY was going to get nothing more than a long rain storm. On Sunday afternoon, during the rain, everything was presumably fine. I was working on a project for LockerPulse one minute. The next minute there were firefighters in full uniform banging on our door telling us that we needed to evacuate immediately because the area was going to flood. Despite being less than a mile away from the Mohawk… Continue reading


My freecycle Experience

During my tour of our warehouse I mentioned that we made the switch recently to anti-static biodegradable packing peanuts.  Part of the reason was to protect our products better.  Part of the reason was to create a uniform packing process (previously we had just been re-using all sorts of packing material from our vendors).  And of course part of the reason was because it is good for the environment and – in conjunction with using 100% recycled paper – we can tell our customers that… Continue reading


A Truly Amazing Experience

It’s hard to believe that we’ve only had Tastefully Driven since April.  It feels like it’s been around forever.  The first year has been a mixed bag, but overall we’ve learned a lot and created a solid stream of revenue so it’s hard to look at it as anything but a positive experience.   My #1 favorite feature of the site is the Commerce with Conscience program where we donate 5% of our pre-tax profit to local charities in the Albany area.   The idea being… Continue reading


Mike’s Post is on the Red Cross Home Page!

Each of us is so unique that I always am amazed by what my partners can accomplish.  Anyone who follows Mike’s blog knows that he does a “charity of the month” where he profiles a charity and makes a donation. This month he chose the American Red Cross. The other day someone from the Red Cross left a comment: Hi Michael. I’m Claire from the American Red Cross. Thank you for your endorsement. There are many people in need right now and we are doing… Continue reading


Climbing UAlbany for the American Lung Association

This morning bright and early the Pure Adapt team participated in the annual “Climb UAlbany” event for the American Lung Association. Each of us raised money in sponsorships to climb the 22 story Colonial Quad at the University of Albany. Our team was formed by our kickass lawyer David Green, and the ten of us that participated on the team were able to raise over $1,000 to benefit the ALA of New York State. According to the website, the total raised was $27,531! We originally… Continue reading


Melinda Gates is Amazing

To replace the remaining issues of my subscription to the now-defunct Business 2.0 Magazine I was given a subscription to Fortune. Surprisingly, I really like it. I learned about this sick web based golf game, and more importantly I was able to take a lot away from their amazing article on Melinda Gates – her first ever profile in a major magazine. We all knew that she was one of the worlds largest philanthropists, and that the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation does great things… Continue reading


Fighting for a Double Bottom-Line

Every entrepreneur gets their passion from somewhere different.  For some, the thought of wealth and independence is what fuels them, and that’s fine.  But the most successful entrepreneurs I’ve encountered truly believe that their endeavours are going to change the world and help improve people’s lives. For-profit businesses force innovation and that that’s a good thing.  The majority of technological innovation comes from the for-profit world, and without it we’d be in trouble as a society.  Diseases have been cured, transportation problems have been solved,… Continue reading


Over 1,800 Free MIT Classes Available Online!

My college bill came to well over $120k for my four years of education. I personally think it was well worth every penny because: I learned how to work in an environment with a lot of very intelligent individuals from across the world. I was able to work with cutting edge technology. I got a degree from a top 50 school in the US that was top 20 for my major. I made invaluable personal and business connections that will last forever. I was challenged… Continue reading


OLPC Laptop Has Arrived!

About ten minutes ago the FedEx guy showed up at my door with a package. I saw the OLPC (one laptop per child) logo on the box and I immediately dropped everything and busted out my camera. The Give One Get One Laptop finally arrived! Here are some initial pics…I’m shocked at how small it is. Just connected to wi-fi, I’ll write a review after I’ve toyed with it…