Partners Essay

How Do You Find Good Partners? Try Before You Buy

One of the most frequent questions I get from people is “how did you meet your partners?”, followed by “what is a good way for me to meet partners?” and “how do I avoid picking the partner from hell?” In my What Startups Are Really Like essay I touched on this a bit: How do you find good partners? When I gave my two presentations at James Madison University, I got this question from both groups. My partners and I were lucky. We all went… Continue reading


How Many Partners Should You Have?

I already covered how you find good partners (abridged version: try before you buy), but what about the question of how many partners you should have, or if you should even have partners at all?  Every so often I get asked this, and while there is no “right answer” I always like to analyze each of the possible situations. Flying Solo If you’re the “solopreneur”, the entrepreneur with no partners, you have a few huge advantages. There’s no consensus when it comes to decision making,… Continue reading