6 More Great Podcasts I Recently Started Listening To

Even with the 6 new podcasts I started listening to earlier this year, my queue recently started getting a little thin. A lot of my favorite podcasts take the summer off or release a bit less often. I’ve also been trying to apply “hell yeah or no” to my episode selection, so if something doesn’t excite me or sound interesting I’ve been skipping it. So I went scouring for some new and interesting podcasts to subscribe to. To my surprise, I found a few new… Continue reading


6 Great Podcasts I Recently Started Listening To

Last week I updated the list of podcasts that I listen to. In doing so, I realized that list has changed quite a bit since 2014, particularly the last six months or so. Here are some of my new favorites: Daily Tech Headlines – all the day’s tech headlines in less than 10 minutes with Tom Merritt. This is the shorter version of Daily Tech News Show. I find that it’s the perfect quick overview of what’s going on in the tech world with no… Continue reading


Radio’s Revival? Why Audio is My Favorite Entertainment Medium & What Podcasts I Listen To

I recently read an article in Sports Illustrated about the famous St. Louis radio station KMOX. The article lamented the good old days of talk radio (no link since SI doesn’t publish their stories online). While reading it I kept thinking: sure terrestrial radio probably isn’t thriving right now, but audio as an entertainment medium seems to be undergoing a revival. I myself listen to more podcasts and streaming audio now than I ever listened to traditional radio. Why Audio? Audio is an unbelievably underrated… Continue reading


Someone Needs to Make This…

I’m a big podcast fan.  Several of my favorites also record video, most notably the Stanford Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders and TWiT Network shows (This Week in Tech, This Week in Google, and Tech News Today). I like to consume these shows in a variety of situations – in the car, in the shower, while I’m cooking, while I’m doing errands, or just when I’m bored and want to watch something interesting.  I also use a variety of software and devices – iTunes on my computer,… Continue reading


Boosting and Chunking

A few months ago I received a request to review a new book.  For the most part, I’ve stopped accepting books to review, but this one was different.  Not only did the author himself email me (as opposed to the typical PR firm), but the topic was actually pretty interesting and something that I haven’t seen covered previously:  assuming you work 8 hours and sleep another 8, the premise of the book is that a large part of your success and happiness come from (or… Continue reading


Changes in Work, Sleep, Learning, & More

In looking back at posts from previous years, I realized that I used to post more frequently about all of the other things I think go into running a business and being an entrepreneur. Stuff like sleep and happiness and work ethic. As I’ve slowed a bit with my posting, it seems like those posts have been fewer and farther between. This certainly wasn’t intentional, but it’s always easier to put off a post about sleep & productivity than it is a post about a… Continue reading


What I Learned From Listening to 21 Stanford Entrepreneurial Thought Leader Podcasts

Over the past month or so I listened to 21 of the Stanford Entrepreneurial Thought Leader podcasts.   I had heard they were great  from a few people so I made a MP3 CD of all of the recent ones that intrigued me and left the CD in my car to listen to anytime I was driving.  Each podcast is the full hour long lecture that was given to students in the class. It really is amazing how anyone in the world now has access… Continue reading