Readwise Has Changed the Way I Read

Sometimes the simplest of services are the most brilliant. A few months ago I discovered Readwise, a daily newsletter with a sampling of your Kindle highlights. That’s it. And it’s a paid app. But it’s absolutely worth every penny. Previously the only time I’d revisit my Kindle highlights was when I wanted to revisit a book. Rather than rereading a book a few years later, I might spend 10 minutes consuming my favorite passages by rereading my highlights. Otherwise, those highlights were more or less… Continue reading


An Update on My Information Overload Experiment

I started off the new year by cutting back on the news. Shortly after, I came across Ryan Holiday’s article Seriously, You—OK, We—Need To Stop Watching The News This Year, which did a great job summing up my feelings on the topic, along with raising some new red flags. I can only speak for myself, but I’m less stressed, less distracted, and a clearer thinker when I avoid most of the news. After not too long it became apparent that most of those changes that… Continue reading


Information Overload: Cutting Back on the News

As last year wore on, I noticed myself steadily reading more and more of what I would consider general “news”, something I’ve written before that I try to avoid. Previously, Twitter was the worst culprit for me, but after giving it up I didn’t even install it when I got my new phone. This time it was more subtle. I noticed myself adding a lot of feeds to my Feedly, to the point where there was always new stories if I pulled and refreshed. I… Continue reading


The New York Times Weekend Briefing Is The Only “News” I Read

James Altucher has a really good quote in Tools of Titans: Short and Sweet On the Value of Selective Ignorance, After Working at a Newspaper “You’re basically told, ‘Find the thing that’s going to scare people the most and write about it.’…It’s like every day is Halloween at the newspaper. I avoid newspapers.” Tim Ferriss has mentioned this before, and I think it’s one of the better takeaways from The 4-Hour Workweek: I never watch the news and have bought one single newspaper in the… Continue reading


I Unintentionally Read A Book On My Phone

Last week I wrote about speed-reading business books, which is still much easier for me to do with a physical copy of the book. Any book I really love I buy a physical copy of, and there are still plenty of places where a physical book makes the most sense (the beach!), but most of the time I prefer reading on my trusty old Kindle. A few weeks ago I bought a book from my phone and had it delivered to my Kindle. When I… Continue reading


How I Read Business Books In An Hour

About five years ago I almost completely stopped reading business books. I read a ton of them in the roughly 10 years prior as I was finishing college, leaving my job, and venturing out on my own. Some of it was that I had shifted my learning/doing balance to more doing and less learning. Another factor was that there just wasn’t that much out there new that interested me because of how much I had read previously. The biggest factor though, was that they just… Continue reading


Why I Buy Physical Copies of My Kindle Books

A few years ago I started doing something new: whenever I read a good book on my Kindle* I then purchase the physical copy. The main reason I’m doing this is that I want to own books that I consider great. When you “buy” a book for the Kindle you’re essentially renting it from Amazon. This can go horribly wrong when Amazon deletes the book off of your Kindle because of a licensing issue, as it did with one of my favorite books, the above-pictured… Continue reading


The Advantage of Skimming

Sometimes I think skimming gets a bad rap. We’re worried that people in the future won’t be able to focus long enough to comprehend anything of real value. While there’s likely some truth to that, I also see huge opportunity and huge value in skimming…especially for business owners. Half of the battle when it comes to making business decisions in our current landscape is knowing what’s possible. Whether we’re talking specifically web development (HTML5, CSS3, responsive design, etc), or any other aspect of running a… Continue reading


Review of My Amazon Kindle 3G

In June I finally decided it was time to buy a Kindle. I had just donated a bunch of books that I didn’t want anymore, and decided I’d rather not add to my physical collection in the future. That, and I also love playing with new gadgets 🙂 So I picked up one of the 3G models for $189. The free, lifetime, worldwide 3G coverage seemed worth the extra $50 to me. I envision that it will be highly convenient at airports, train stations, hotels,… Continue reading