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Improved Site Search

After completing my site improvements recently, there was one thing that I realized I still wanted to fix. If you searched the site – currently only available on the Archives page – you’d be brought to a Google site search. The reason for this is that in addition to the 816 WordPress posts that I’ve published, I have an additional 296 that were published via Blogger and were migrated from over to this site in 2007. It seemed as though the easiest way to… Continue reading


The Sad End of Bing Cashback

Bing is discontinuing their Bing Cashback program as of tonight at 9 PM PST. The program allowed customers to receive a percentage of their purchase back (anywhere from 2% – 10% usually) if they visited the merchant using Bing’s shopping search. As a consumer, I thought this was an awesome program. I got over $100 back when I bought my new laptop from HP a few months ago. The reason I’m writing a post about it though is because I also loved the program as… Continue reading


Is Google Ruining Your Life? [Guest Post]

This is a guest post from my good friend Tim, who is a regular commenter on this blog and is in the process of launching a Houston-based daily-deal site called YourYoupon. I am a frequent commenter on Adam’s blog, beyond the blog we’ve become good friends over the last few years and enjoy sharing business stories and other lifestyle/technology concepts we come across.  As the story I’m about to share with you unfolded Adam was the first person I knew I was going to tell… Continue reading


The Best Google Feature in Years

I suppose that the measure of any new feature on a website is how frequently it gets used and actually improves a user’s experience. If that’s the case, the “Show Options” feature that Google is the best they’ve unveiled in years. It allows you to drill down your results by time, type, and other criteria depending on the type of search. There are soooo many instances where I want results from only within the last week or the last year. In particular, any time I… Continue reading


Google Me

No, seriously, Google me.  I finally, finally, rank #1 for “Adam McFarland”: Take that! Only took me like 3 years of actively maintaining a blog while that site hasn’t changed since about 1998…


Google Chrome Initial Thoughts – WOW

When I woke up today and combed through my morning email I was shocked to see that yesterday Google announced that they would be releasing a browser today.  Usually these things leak out sooner, but I hadn’t heard anything other than the same type of vague rumors that you hear about a gPhone or gOS. Google Chrome, as it’s called, was released today at noon and can be downloaded for XP/Vista (Linux and Mac soon to follow).  After reading the comic and watching the video, I was excited… Continue reading


Cuil is Horrible and Will Never Challenge Google

To the Cuil Management Team: Earlier this week it was brought to my attention that you launched your new search engine.  With an index of some 120 billion web pages, you claim to be the largest and most relevant search engine around.  So I just took a spin over and executed a few queries.  And I must say – the results are horrible.  How can a search for “SportsLizard” result in a link to my old blog that was moved over here a year ago? … Continue reading


Quick Music Alerts Update

I’ve decided to hold off on promoting Music Alerts for a while for a few reasons. Primarily because I’m in the middle of ramping back up our client services after the launch of DI and I’m swamped, but also because I wanted to give it some time to be tested in the field. There’s no way to predict when an album will be added to Amazon, so I just sat back and waited. Today I got my first real alert. It worked perfectly – Google… Continue reading


My Thoughts on MyLiveSearch

Remember MyLiveSearch, the company that Google supposedly has had their eye on since its inception?  They’ve taken a lot of crap the past few months for delaying launch and for garnering a ton of hype without anyone actually seeing what they’re working on.  They promised “real-time indexing” of the web as you search.  Naturally with a claim like that we’re all pretty curious and a bit skeptical at the same time. Well supposedly today they are supposed to launch so I figured I’d give my… Continue reading