The Great Detailed Image HTTPS Migration

In mid-January we finished migrating all of Detailed Image to HTTPS. We’ve now got the shiny “Secure” badge in Chrome on every single one of our pages: This project should have been simple, but it sure wasn’t, in large part due to the fractured nature of various organizations on the web and within Google. While the technical implementation is relatively straightforward, the business decision to do so can be downright scary. A Little Background When we launched our shopping cart in 2007 (and did major… Continue reading


Teaching Link Building

In the web venturing class that I’m co-teaching we recently covered SEO for their newly launched WordPress-driven websites. Like every topic in the class, we’re trying to cram ten classes worth of information in to one or two classes so that we can move on to the next topic and give them exposure to all aspects of web venturing throughout the class. Over the course of two periods we covered the basics of on-site SEO, the importance of incoming links, and how to utilize Google… Continue reading


New Essay: SEO & Web Marketing For New Web Ventures

While we’re in the process of consolidating our sites, I decided to do something I’ve long been intending to do: put the final nail in the coffin of Faceup-Sites and create an essay to replace the downloadable e-book that was what remained of the site. That e-book was very exhaustive and had some really good information. The problem was that I hadn’t updated it since July of 2008, and in the web world that’s an eternity. So I re-wrote it to match the style of… Continue reading


The Making of

One of our biggest initiatives moving into 2010 is to really evaluate all of our sites and all of the functions within those sites and decide what is worth the time and what isn’t moving forward. Clearly, one of the things that did not work was the Tastefully Driven forum. Except one thread that did work. My partners and I are all fans of the sports show Around the Horn. One of the best parts of ATH is that the eccentric panelist Woody Paige always… Continue reading


Announcing Z.ips.ME – Your Very Own URL Shortener

Background When I started using Twitter, one of the first things that piqued my interest was URL shorteners. Not only does it make no sense why Twitter doesn’t officially have their own URL shortening service (although is sort of official now), but it really made no sense to me why everyone used either or instead of creating their own. A URL shortener is uber simple to program and can offer you a ton of value.  So I picked up the domain “”… Continue reading


Breaking Down the New Detailed Image – Part 3 of 3

Now that I’ve outlined the majority of the improvements on Part 1 and Part 2, I want to take a step back and quickly talk about why I think this was a successful project. The Process & The Time Frame We didn’t really plan it this way, but from the time we launched the previous cart in 2007 we were planning for this one.  We kept track of every potential feature that we’d want, both on the front end and the back end, we collected… Continue reading


Google Me

No, seriously, Google me.  I finally, finally, rank #1 for “Adam McFarland”: Take that! Only took me like 3 years of actively maintaining a blog while that site hasn’t changed since about 1998…


Selling Push vs. Pull Products

One of our Tastefully Driven vendors recently contacted us to see if we were ready to re-order their products yet.  We’ve placed one other re-order since the launch of the site, but overall their products haven’t sold very well compared to other brands.  We don’t have a ton in stock, but they’re moving so slow that we’re certainly not inclined to re-order at this point.  So, we bluntly told them as much. Their response?  Push the product more.  Give out samples, hold contests, give some… Continue reading


FaceUp Web Marketing eBook Updated, Still Free

Quick post here guys.  Just wanted to let everyone know that I’ve updated our free FaceUp Web Marketing eBook.  It’s been over six months since the last update.  The book still gets a decent amount of downloads so I want to be sure that the information conveyed is accurate. The biggest update has to do with the Keyword Research section.  Google recently started displaying search volume on their AdWords Keyword Tool.   This is HUGE for anyone with a website and an interest in SEO.  Prior… Continue reading


New TD Store – Electronics Cables

A few months back one of our friends – a former business owner who has now cashed out and is “living the good life” – turned us on to a distributor of high quality cables for low prices.  We take his word pretty highly since he’s hardcore into ultra high-end audio equipment. He told us that the quality of these cables are equal to the quality of Monster cables, but for 1/20th the price.  So we picked a few up, liked them, and decided we… Continue reading