Shopping Experiences

Do Consumers Expect too Much?

A while back I signed up for a KODAK Gallery Account to view a friends photos.  Otherwise though, I’ve never used it.  Then the other day there was an email in my inbox entitled “Important: From the Gallery’s General Manager‏”. Curious, I opened it. In part, it read (bolding is my emphasis): Let’s put the issue right on the table: nobody likes paying for something that they thought was free. I recently received some strong responses from Gallery customers after we asked them to make… Continue reading


Unique Uses for IVR Systems

I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that everyone dislikes IVR phone systems.  When you call a company you want to talk to a real person, not be led through a bunch of menus that don’t answer your question…especially when you have to speak your answers and the system can’t interpret what you’re saying (or you’re in a public place and don’t want to look like a jackass).  However, in the past few weeks I’ve had two really positive experiences with IVR systems used… Continue reading


Intelligent IKEA Packaging

Check out how my new pillows from IKEA came packaged: And then opened up: After fluffing it up for a few minutes it became un-wrinkled and took the form of a normal soft puffy pillow, much more so than that picture shows.  I slept on them last night and they were super comfortable. Amazing!  They’re actually saving space as opposed to completely wasting it, ahem Yankee Candle.  Imagine how much warehouse space that saves them?  How many more they can fit on a truck when… Continue reading


Something I Just Don’t Get About Shipping

Last week I saw that Yankee Candle was having a 2-for-$20 sale on their 2008 jar candles (normally over $20 each) so I ordered a few.  When they arrived, they were packaged like this: It has slots for six candles when I only ordered two!  Two thirds of that box is completely empty. You’re telling me that they don’t have a box for two or four candles?  Six is their smallest for anything more than one (that’s assuming they have a box for one, which… Continue reading