Sleep As A Productivity “Tool”

I think that our culture has a warped view of sleep. Jason Fried recently wrote a great post entitled Being tired isn’t a badge of honor. One of my favorite passages is: Your brain is still active at night. It works through matters you can’t address during the day. Don’t you want to wake up with new solutions in your head rather than bags under your eyes? Back in 2008 I wrote a post about productive napping after having read Take a Nap! Change Your… Continue reading


When You Can Work Any Time, What Time Should You Work?

For the past decade or so I have been able to more or less work whenever I want. My current schedule has me working from home 3.5 days most weeks, with one day in the warehouse and a half day meeting/collaborating with my partners. In my last post Balancing Out the 24x7x365 Nature of Online Business I talked about the importance of setting boundaries and some of the things we’ve done to make it easier to step away from work so we’re not tethered to… Continue reading


Trading Hours

@DHH wrote a really interesting blog post yesterday about what he calls “flipping the day“: Most days I work from 1pm to 9pm here in Spain, which translates to 6am to 2pm Chicago time. That gives me all the time before lunch to enjoy the light of day and all the activities that encourages. I find myself more interested in working out, more eager to read books, and generally infused with more energy for both physical and mental activities. Over the past few years my… Continue reading


38 Straight Days of Awesome Sleep

My fascination with sleep is pretty well documented. Rightfully so, I think, given how “no single behavior, we’ve come to believe, more fundamentally influences our effectiveness in waking life than sleep.” From January of 2008 when I became an early riser through early 2010 I had my morning alarm set for 6 AM and almost every day that was when I got up. In my 1 month update and 7 month update I used phrases like “amazing” and “life-changing” to describe my new sleep schedule…. Continue reading


News Flash: Sleep is Important

I recently received an advanced copy of the book The Way We’re Working Isn’t Working by Tony Schwartz, which came out earlier this week. As I’ve mentioned before, I don’t accept many of these books any more because most of them don’t interest me. What sold me on the book, which was fantastic, was the first few sentences on Amazon (plus endorsements from Seth Godin and Tony Hseih don’t hurt either): Schwartz, CEO of the Energy Project, stretches an obvious thesis to the breaking point… Continue reading


Changes in Work, Sleep, Learning, & More

In looking back at posts from previous years, I realized that I used to post more frequently about all of the other things I think go into running a business and being an entrepreneur. Stuff like sleep and happiness and work ethic. As I’ve slowed a bit with my posting, it seems like those posts have been fewer and farther between. This certainly wasn’t intentional, but it’s always easier to put off a post about sleep & productivity than it is a post about a… Continue reading


Productive Napping

In my quest to become healthy, happy, and productive, I’ve become fascinated with sleep over the past few years.   I always exercise regularly and for the most part I eat very healthy, but a good nights sleep eluded me for a long time.  The problem started in high school where I routinely got less sleep than I needed, and then just sort of continued into college and the workforce.  Like most of us, being sleep deprived became the norm. However, since I started working… Continue reading


Getting Creative for Winter

Back in March I wrote about how I was changing my schedule to accommodate our early morning deliveries to our warehouse.  Six months later, we’ve all pretty much acclimated to working from 7:30 AM to around 3:30 PM on our warehouse days.  Even though we’ve more than doubled our inventory since March, we’re able to receive 99% of our deliveries in that block of time. UPS comes every day around 11 AM.  FedEx delivers at 7:30 AM and picks up around 3 PM.  Freight companies… Continue reading


Early Riser 7 Month Update

It’s now been seven full months since I decided to finally gain control of my sleep schedule and rise every day at 6 AM.  Clearly a lot has changed with our business and with my life, but I’ve managed to stick to the schedule and at this point I can say without a doubt that I have formed a habit that I can continue for the rest of my life should I chose to do so. Right now it’s 8:30 AM.  I’ve already gone to they… Continue reading


Trying Out a New Schedule

One of the things we were most looking forward to when moving to our warehouse was having FedEx come daily to pick up all of our shipments. Previously Greg and George were driving any customer orders over to the local FedEx from Greg’s house where the products were stored. It’s worked out great – FedEx comes around 3:30 every day, which in theory means everyone can leave by 4 if they want to. However – the flip side of the issue is receiving shipments, which… Continue reading