Early Riser – 1 Month Update

On January 1 I wrote about how I hate New Years Resolutions and then proceeded to make one myself:  to improve my sleep schedule.  Throughout college and my early professional life I’ve always been an erratic sleeper to say the least, and I became envious of those who were able to wake up early and start the day “ahead” of me.  I decided on 6 AM as my new wakeup time because it’s early, but not so early that you have to be asleep at… Continue reading


Becoming an Early Riser

I’m not a huge fan of “New Years Resolutions”. To me, NOW is the best time to start something new and waiting until New Years is stupid (side note: I’ve most likely developed my hatred for New Years resolutions due to the fact that I’ve had trouble getting a good workout in January or February at any packed gym I’ve been a member at for the last 10 years because everyone and their mother decides to get in shape on 1/1 and quits by Valentines… Continue reading