Standing Desks

Leveling Up My Standing Desk

Last year when I upgraded my standing desk to a VariDesk and purchased new monitors I thought that I had more or less created the perfect standing desk for myself. To me, a great standing workstation allows you to stand and move around comfortably most of the time while still having the ability to easily transition into leaning or sitting positions without any compromises. The more that I worked in last year’s setup, there were a few compromises that I wanted to attempt to fix:… Continue reading


Taking My Standing Desk To The Next Level With A VariDesk, New Monitors, A Mogo Seat, & More

In 2010 I started experimenting with a standing desk setup after learning how bad sitting all day is. By 2011 I was working at a standing desk full time. I wrote a 1-year follow-up but I haven’t posted about it much since. I’m still standing, but over the past few months I overhauled my office to better fit the way I’m working in 2016. The Problem With My Old Setup In short, my main issue has been the same problem that I mentioned in my… Continue reading


Settling In To My Home Office

There were only a few things I really wouldn’t budge on when home shopping, and #1 on the list was a good office space. Given that I’m working from home 3 – 4 days/week, I spend more time in my home office than I do anywhere else. I took a few quick photos that I posted above. The sun was blaring in so they’re not beautiful but they get the job done. The highlights for me are: Plenty of room for my standing desk setup…. Continue reading


Standing Desk: 1 Year Later

It’s been just over a year since I switched to a standing desk (see: Standing Desks are Awesome (and exhausting) and My Efforts to Sit Less). Some thoughts after sticking with it for over a year: Like any new habit, it was hard at first but now has become such a part of my daily life that I barely notice it.  Standing is how I do my work when I’m home. After a few months my endurance got to the point where a 10-12 hour… Continue reading


Standing Desks are Awesome (and exhausting)

In August I pulled a muscle in my back. It was bad enough that sitting for long periods of time became uncomfortable. This was a big problem because, well, I sit all day long while I work. About a year ago I wrote about my efforts to sit less, which included using a standing station for my laptop sometimes. In that post I outlined all of the mounting research that suggests that sitting all day long can be bad for you. After that I continued… Continue reading